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Mix Master Mu on Mar 16 at 10:49

Andy loves his Mormons. He's probably at his house right now eating some double stuffs, contemplating what BYU players he should take in the first 7 rounds. Telling his kids they are retarded for not growing a mustache like his. "Listen kids if you want a real high, screw Heroin, grow a F'ing mustache". Then everyone has to take you serious. Do you agree this has to be Andy's last year to get a SuperBowl? I don't think he has the balls to win the big game. I hope i'm wrong but it seems like he is afraid to make the big decisions and always plays it safe.

I'm interested to see how quick Curtis can pick up the offense. Is he going to be the number one receiver or is Downtown Reggie Brown?

I'm not sure about Reid. You can't argue w/ the win/loss record he's put up since he got here. He's made some really, really controversial decisions, including taking McNabb over Ricky Williams, but most of them have paid off. I'd like to see him get another chance in the playoffs w/ his team intact.

I don't think Curtis will have a problem picking up the offense. Stallworth picked it up last year after coming in late. I'd say Brown is the #1, Curtis #2, but he could slip to #3, he'd probably be better out of the slot than baskett, and now baskett is the only size they have at WR.

I think Brown is the number 1. He's earned it. I'm a little worried that the Eagles don't have much size at WR. Baskett is really going to have to emerge as the guy that'll go across the middle, and win the jump ball in the red zone. That's a tall order.

earned it?! i think it depends more on who gets the most separation. my money's on curtis!

You could be right, but I see Brown as the go-to WR, Curtis as the deep threat.

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