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Prezs2ReprsntMe on Sep 11 at 23:41

how bout that ross ohlendorf???

i was watching from the crappy gamecast thing on my computer at school and it was jus 98 mph, 97 mph, and the occasional slider (or change up? hard to tell on gamecast).

I say keep him in the post season. he's got to be better than bruney...

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Sep 11 at 23:44

oh yeah one last thing--gamecast was showing hughes fastball at times between 93-96. Is that just some hopped up gun, or is it the same guy who was throwin 89-91 before?

The YES gun had Hughes hitting 93 consistently throughout, and he never dipped below 90. That gun usually has him between 88 and 91, so I think he was definitely throwing harder. He much more movement on his fastball too. Too much in some cases, it was running back over the plate.

This kid is going to be good. He's learning how to pitch when he doesn't have his best stuff right now (I think the hamstring injury is still lingering in his mind), when he has his curve working, he's going to be nearly un-hittable. When he can mix in the change, for strikes, he's going to be an ace.

Ohlendorf was impressive, but his AAA stats really scare me. If they wanted to, they could add him to the playoff roster. I believe they can add two guys who weren't up before Sept. 1 because Phillips and Pavano are on the 60-day D.L. You'd think one of those spots is probably reserved for Kennedy.

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