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Joe can't put him in as a DH for a game or two to give him a rest from the field without complicating things either, can he?

There is no shame on Jeter or Torre taking him out in the seventh or eigth inning. Joe could tell the press it's to give the bench guys some playing time to shake off the rust with the playoffs coming up. Think of how many managers in playoff situations do that... take out a starter to put in a guy for his defense. Why should these games in September be any different than playoff games? At this point, they'll all playoff games, and you need to win every one of them.

I am both shocked and appalled at this post.

Seriously, you make good points, but I don't think Jeter is going to go out there if he knows he can't get the job done. It's definitely a tough call, but I think The Captain will be OK in the end.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Sep 12 at 14:46

you said it yourself. It probably stems from the injury. So you could take him out of blowouts late (i wouldnt say "games with a lead", thats a little broad for me, esp when we're talking about a team with a major role for a certain kyle farnsworth), He'll be fine next year IMO. I know it seems like a huge criticism of Jeets, but in reality it's understandable...

ps. I still like farnsworth for us next year, and shit even this year, it's just that torre has put him on a rollercoaster last 2 years.

This is kinda like realizing AI is not the direction the Sixers should be going( I was a big AI fan). I know it's not that extreme but he rarely beats out double plays that used to be automatic. I hope this is just the injury and not his getting up in age. He is a leader in the clubhouse and we need him. There is only about 3 weeks left until the real season. A little rest would help but he needs to fight through like he has been doing. I say leave him in there Joe.


I agree that it shouldn't be a big deal if Joe put a defensive sub in for him, but it would. The papers, and especially ESPN would make a huge deal out of it. This isn't a reason not to do it, but it's something they'd take into consideration. I don't think there's really a long-term solution. He might need to have that knee fixed in the off season, until then, no amount of rest is going to help him to the point where his range is adequate.


I think Jeter would rather shoot himself than take himself out of the lineup. That's what everyone loves about him. He's doing everything he can to get the job done, he just physically can't make the plays. It's got to be frustrating as hell for him. I agree that it won't happen, and I also think he's going to be fine, and back to his former self next year, but we're in the middle of a playoff run here. It makes baseball sense to put a sub in for him, just like you do for Giambi.


Farnsworth lover!!! I'm with ya with a few stipulations. Farnsworth is not your eight inning, bridge to Mariano guy anymore. I don't think he ever was. He's a guy you use in certain situations, when the match-ups are good, and you can control the circumstances. I'm not too confident when I see him coming in to start the eighth in one-run game, and I don't think I ever will be.

I'm not criticizing Jeter at all. I do think this is because of the injury, and I think if you could get an honest answer out of him, he'd tell you his knee is absolutely killing him. Even hobbled, he's still the heart and soul of this team.


I was crushed when A.I. left Philly. I don't think, and really, really, really, hope this isn't that type of situation. We absolutely need him, and taking him out for a defensive replacement brings up a ton of issues. What if the Yanks cough up the lead and Jeter's spot comes up in the lineup?

It's a tough situation, I just think it should be considered, because one ground ball getting through could eventually cost us a ring.

Well let me start off by saying that I think the CAPTAIN is having a tough time not just with his right knee but also with the harsh gossip that LA RAG MAGAZINE has published about him. When you play sports alot can conquer you both mentally and physically. So I think it is a combination of mental and physical with Jeter. I was at the Tuesday night game the Yankees played against the Angels and I was so dissapointed in Jeters' performance on that night. He just did not seem to be himself, very aloof, distant, etc.etc. Don't get me wrong I'm crazy about this guy but I am really concerned with his performance lately.... There is no time for messing around and the WS Playoffs are around the corner.....So get it together honey bunny, I'm counting on you for the victory and glory of RING#5. ;o)

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Sep 12 at 18:41

yea , just to throw an obvious sidenote, Jeter was the MVP only LAST SEASON (fuck morneau we all know jeter was the MVP), i don't think one can fall of that quickly at that age. Even if he isn't great at D, he always is top 4 in the MLB in BAA with 2 outs and RISP. At one point after the break he was hitting .620 in those s ituations!!! .620!!!!! screw grounders up the middle if he does that.

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