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Young might have had a play, but the ball was in the stands. I've watched it five times now, and there's no question about that. It's barely in the stands, but it's there. It looked like the people in the second row were grabbing at it, but it was over the wall when they touched it.

I've read a few sites where Yankee fans are bitching about the home run being too short and therefore a cheap walk-off win. When I mentioned it to my girlfriend, she said, "That's like complaining about the difference between paying for something with a dollar bill and paying for it with one hundred pennies. Either way, it's still a dollar."

The same fans were mad at the Devil Rays for rolling over for the Sox. You've got three chances later this month to make them do the same for you.

The D-Rays didn't roll over, they should've swept the series, but their pen just couldn't get the job done, which has been the case all year long.

A win is a win. That ball was not out of the park, but it counts just the same. I can't wait to see the Sox starters get their asses handed to them again this weekend. Here's to a fastball under Youkilis' chin, that pussy.

The ball was out of the park, because it was a home run. That's what they call it when a ball clears the fence, which it did. No video evidence proves otherwise. I have it on my TiVo, and I'm watching it right now. The ball was in the stands. Young could have reached back and caught it, but he blew it. Still, the ball traveled the required amount to clear the wall, barely, and did so, barely.

I, too, am looking forward to this series.

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