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If it were me, I would have cut Lewis and held onto Reed. Lewis is garbage as a fifth receiver and will never 'develop' into a punt returner. At least Reed can play Safety. Andy seems determined to hold onto 10 linemen at the possible expense of the secondary. Lito has been injured a lot since last year and Dawkins missed time in camp with that foot injury. That's why I would have kept Reed.

We didn't see Tony Hunt at all. I thought they got him for those third and short situations? And Smith might still be effected by his injury, as he wasn't a factor in this game. Is Smith playing to avoid injury with this being a contract year? If so, shouldn't we see more of Celek and Shoebel?

AMEN to the clock and time out mismanagement! They've been rotten in this department for the last three years and it's just a sign of not being prepared on the field. A Bellichik or Dungy team doesn't burn useless time outs. I put this more on Reid than I do Donovan, although both need to accept responsibility for field management.

This was one that shouldn't have gotten away but Reed as a coach doesn't have a winning record in his opening game of the season. He is good at making adjustments, so hopefully he's working out the glitches.

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