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According to ESPN, Dice-K's fastball is consistently at 94 mph. That's quite a difference from what you're saying.

ESPN's gun is consistently 3-5 MPH faster than YES's gun then.

If YES's radar gun is correct, the Yankees sure are having a hard time swinging at an 88 mph fastball.

What is ESPN clocking Pettitte's pitches at?

Here are the numbers for the Varitek at-bat in the second (I can't identify all the pitches, but I'll try):

84, 76 (curve), 93 (fastball), 86, 85 (slider), 84, 93 for ball four

Those Pettitte fastballs were clocked at 91 by YES. Neither pitcher has topped 92 MPH, they both did it once or twice. ESPN's gun is fast.

The commentators on ESPN kept saying 94, but when I actually started looking, the highest I saw for Dice-K was 93. And 92 happened more often. So, there's probably about a 1-2 mph difference.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 14 at 23:16

Time to start blogging again, Brian. How sweet and unbelievable.

I can't stop smiling. About to go wake my wife up to watch the rest of this.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 14 at 23:59

The sweetest win this season, without a doubt!

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 15 at 0:39

Re-watching the top of the 8th and bottom of the 9th on mlb.tv right now. Awesome, just effing awesome.

I love watching ESPN spin everything in favor of the Sox. Hilarious. 9/10 of their highlight package are Sox highlights, then they give no credit to the Yanks for the comeback.

Great game, now it's time for the Wanger to dominate.

Terry francona is gonna be scared to read the paper tomorrow. He should've just took a glance at the standings before diving into THE MOST FEARING BULLPEN IN THE LEAGUE( yea rite). Even though jeter didn't want to say it this is the biggest win of the season and will make this team look ahead to Boston instead of looking back at the Tigers in the wild-card. And what happened to Papelbon? His fastball is the same as Andy and almost the same as a full-rested Moose! WOW! From 14 1/5 to 4 1/2 with Boston and NY fighting for the division with 2 weeks left. Now this is baseball.

This is why we watch the games. Down to the wire, each team has its top three starters going. Today is going to be fun.

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