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Well said Brian-

I wrote an entire entry on on my thoughts for last nite, hit the post button and got an error. Guess my comments were not to be.

Oh well........

What I wanted to post though is the fact that we BEAT THEIR BEST. Thats how I wanna win.

That way their is no possible way that the sox fans can bitch about gettin' beat. bad.
But then I came to my senses and remembered what fan base we're dealing with here.

We have to beat their best. This way we can, for intensive purposes, shut them up.(yeah right that'll happen)

On a side note- I couldn't resist the urge to check in on the sox blogs today. The running theme on some of them is the FACT that Papelbon was at an UNFAIR disadvantage.

Get this- They say that it was unfair because Bon-Bon had not thrown enough warm-up pitches.
Thats why he got beat, not b/c he got over-matched, out-classed, and pretty much humiliated.

Bon-Bon = My new new nickname for Mr.Tough-guy face (when he's on the mound).

AM I the only one who thinks he looks like a complete Moron when he makes that stupid face before he throws a pitch. He looks like a fat chick stuck in a teenage boys body.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 15 at 15:33

It really is amazing how the RS fans are looking for an excuse in Bon's performance. It's over, let it go, he sucked, end of story. Concentrate on the rest of the season. I love it how A-Rod got his number, though, yesterday and back a few months ago.

Brian, you're absolutely right on the money with this post. The psychological nails in the coffin can be applied to the RS season in the next two games, even if they do end up winning the East. Today's game is key. Go Yanks!

Long bomb from Jeter off Beckett, 1-0 Yankees in the first....

Holy S**T! 6'2", 235 lb. Hinske barrels into Posada (clean play), and Posado HOLDS ONTO THE BALL FOR AN OUT! What a play!

Classy move by Boston fans, they applauded Posada when he got up from the play and stayed in the game.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 15 at 18:17

Well, if we do lose, let Joe-bashing begin. I, for once, will agree. Ortiz owns Wang, 2-2 today. Wang just had to be pulled before Ortiz ab. Still, I think Yanks will come back to win it, and Joe will be off the hook. But yeah, a dumb decision.

Pitching to Ortiz was questionable, and bringing Henn in was stupid. I would've left Edwar in for the entire 7th. At this point it doesn't matter, Joe is just making sure he doesn't burn anyone important.

Aaron, I like the Bon-Bon nickname.

This game, if they lose, could be a blessing in surprise, I'll have more on this in my post game wrap.

Why not let young Edwar pitch his way out of the inning and give him a chance to get himself out of trouble? (By the way, Brian, good call.. he looks like an Erkel twin).

Edwar wasn't even in trouble. I think Joe just wanted to see if he could count on either Villone or Henn to get a lefty out in a crunch. The answer is no, but I guess it's better that he finds that out now, rather than in the playoffs.

Joba better just be getting some throwing in.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 15 at 19:29

That would be unreal, to bring Joba in. I'll be stunned if Joe has him in the 9th. A lot of bad decisions already made, but this would just top it. Joba does look throwing hard in the pen.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 15 at 19:31

Oh, wait, what am I thinking, they'll be no 9th. Brain fart.

Actually, if there is a 9th, then Joba will be in :), I just put two and two together.

Did you like how Joba almost caught that Homer?

With Edwar, it would have just given him some confidence to finish the inning instead of being pulled. He wasn't in a lot of trouble, just had two guys on base. It would have done a lot for his confidence if he would have shut them down the rest of the inning.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 15 at 19:32

It'd be funnier if I was actually kidding just then. :>)

Joe has shown more confidence in the kid. He's kind of playing the Ramiro Mendoza role out of the pen, and I think that's a good role for him.

Looks like Farnsworth is coming in two innings too late. It's a Shame Joe didn't put him in instead of Villone and Henn.

Joba, the Viz and Farnsworth will all be available tomorrow. If the Rocket can get through 5 with a lead, the pen can give you 4 innings easy.

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