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Mike from Bay Area on Sep 16 at 2:40

Wang's not been good on the road (see: today's game, and others). It'd probably make more sense to start him in Game 3, but then of course who starts Game 2 is quite a dilemma. It'll be interesting to see which way they decide to go, but there's reason to be concerned, for sure, for opening ALDS on the road.

As for resting the regulars, that can only happen in blow-outs (which I'm hoping there'll be a few, in our favor of course). Other than that, it's still a very close race, too close for my comfort. Detroit's played well lately.

And as for MLB umpire pussies, it's just one huge anti-Yankees conspiracy. Those f$##ckers should go screw themselves.

I don't see the Yanks holding him back for game 3. They're going to want to use him twice in the series. I'd say games 1 and 4 (if they have the extra off day in their series). Games 1 and 5 if they don't.

The first priority is definitely getting in, obviously, but I don't think that's going to be such a struggle. Detroit has a rough schedule, including three at Cleveland. Unless they play like crap, the Yanks should clinch with about 3 or 4 games left to play. At that point, they can rest whoever needs it, set the rotation, and go into the playoffs fully loaded.

The Fox announcers last night were talking about Chamberlain and commented that it is the eventual goal of the Yankee organization to move him into a starting role. Are they planning to do so during spring training perhaps?

I think they're planning to do it for next season, yes. I think I'd rather see him take over for Mo when Mo retires. He's got the stuff and make up to be a dominant closer for the next decade plus.

The Yankee feeling is the he has 4 plus pitches, so it'd be a waste to have him in the pen where he only really uses two of them to dominate.

He's a different pitcher as a starter, his fastball lives in the 95-97 MPH neighborhood, and he reaches back once in a while to hit 99. As a reliever, he lets it go and lives between 98 and 100.

My only concern with him as a starter is his conditioning. He isn't exactly a small guy and his weight could become an issue down the road as a starter. Out of the pen, it probably won't be a concern.

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