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Mike from Bay Area on Sep 16 at 21:23

Roger's pitching really well and is not getting any support for it. The offense needs to wake up right about now.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 16 at 21:24

Woo-hoo, somebody finally woke up.

Cano is a special, special hitter. Top of the order coming up next inning, Clemens needs to keep the score where it is.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 16 at 23:25

Ugh, that was close indeed. All's well that ends well, though.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Sep 16 at 23:32

i was 100 percent sure i was going to die during the last at bat. jesus christmas trees that was intense

I had company over, or I would've been screaming at the TV during that entire final half inning. Big win.

Yo Fellow bloggers-

How about that win? Jeter is an immortal. There's not really much more that needs to be said.

Watching him play everyday is a privilige in and of itself. It Reminds me of when I was a kid and got to watch Don Mattingly play, the raw talent, the mind for the game, and the leadership.

Jeter posseses the same qualities. What I wouldn't give to have seen Donnie have had a few more post seasons to show us what he could've done. Sucks.

oh well.

Anyway, we good, they bad. They know. Another round for our Homeboys.

Ready for the Playoffs, Don't think we'd have trouble with any AL team right now. Forget the NL it's a joke.

Lets hope our boys aren't too tired from their roadtrip, The Bmore Orioles(the team in my current city of residence) are gonna be in town. I guess you can call them a baseball team, they're so awful I am almost ready to move back to Jersey. Cabrara goes for the dispicable O's tonight, unfortuatly he owned us his last start.

how come papelbon gets a nickname and i don't?

Anyone see this-

September 17, 2007 -- BOSTON - Mariano Rivera pitched the ninth inning of last night's game moments after his right arm went numb when hit by an errant toss that came from the Red Sox bullpen that adjoins the Yankees' pen beyond Fenway Park's right-field fence.

As Rivera prepared to protect a two-run lead in the bottom of the eighth, he was struck in the back of the elbow by a ball thrown wildly by Eric Gagne.

"It came in hot," said Yankees reliever Ron Villone, who witnessed the scary moment. "He couldn't feel his arm; it was numb. We were in the bullpen saying, 'Oh no.' "

holy crap. I hadn't seen that. I'm sure it was accidental. Notice that he still came into the game and got the job done. He's a legend, plain and simple.

Eric Gagne has no control..lol. The league probably would've suspended Mo if he would've did the same thing even if it was an accident. The league despises the Yanks.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Sep 17 at 16:42

where is that from?

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