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Prezs2ReprsntMe on Sep 18 at 7:58

how bout doug? hes been playing his ass off lately, rbis, hits, walks, web gems, u name it. he definitely deserves some props.

Yep, Joe put him back in the lineup at exactly the right time. Anything he gives you at the plate is gravy.

I agree Doug is def. right place, right time.

Gives the giambino the rest he needs. He should only be played off the bench at this point in his career, he breaks down too easily.

Still some stories circulating about Sandman's pinky but I think it's just to sell newspapers. During his pregame interview yesterday he said he's "ALL GOOD".

Lookin forward to another win, the O's are just dispicable at this point. Round here folks have not given a crap since the Palmeiro incident of '05. They need to figure somthing out soon with that team, there are actually whispers of the team moving.

Wow. I'd be shocked if they moved.

It looked like they were starting to turn the corner, Bedard is a stud, and Guthrie looked good. Then they extended the manager and it all went to hell. They're a team that got old fast and stayed old. They've gotten younger in their pitching staff, but they aren't developing young hitters.

I don't think they wanna move as much as the fanbase is just disgusted with them.

How long can you go w/o at least a winning season. They're working on 12 years I think. I haven't lived down here that long, but long enough to know that these fans have had it.

.......and I can't tell ya how much they love a Yanks fan crowding up the corner of the bar and cheering loudly for the bombers.

Sorry about yer boys last night man. To be honest, I'm not the biggest Eagles fan but I was pullin for them cus I can't stand the Redskins. (and I live in Ravensland).

That story about rivera's pinky is still being talked about. I guess the new twist is Gagne won't take ownership for his mistake. If Mo is big enough to say "it was a mistake" than Gag-ne should step up and at least admit it was an accident and it was his fault.

He'll fit in really nicely in Boston. Buncha cry babies w/ an inferiorty complex. ( I lived there for 5 years while attending BU, so I am allowed to bust on them.)

You don't have to live there to bust on them :) check out the gag-ne graphic. He was awesome tonight.

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