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The good thing to say about this one is...

Charles Barkley was dead on in his talk about Philadelphians. It may not be right, but if you aren't winning, no matter what you did before, they will boo you. I got a kick out of him talking about when he was in Philadelphia how he wanted them to draft Shaq. "I want SHAQ," he said, and they gave him Charles Shackleford. That humor provided a bright spot. It will be another long week around here.

I can't tell you how difficult it was to watch that game last night and have to work an entire day without being able to read your blog and comment about the game.

First off, great win for the Skins. They looked great. They should have won that game 34-12, if Cooley caught that ball in the first quarter and the Skins came up with the ball when McScrub went deep in fourth. It's clearly going to be a great year for Washington.

McScrub is so done, and he knows it. He's a total gimp. Now he's trying to blame his performances on the fact that there is more pressure on black QB's. Please. It doesn't get any weaker than that.

The Eagles season is offically over. They are 0-2, they have a gimppy QB, zero receivers, a coach who is running a crack house and the second worst fan base in the country (NY you're still number one). After they get waxed next week by D-Town, Philly fans are going to rip that mother down.

My prediction this year was that the Eagles were going to go 3-13, and the Skins were going 12-4. Not to brag or anything, but so far I'm right on the money.

But don't worry Philly fans, you still have your Sixers......actually forget I said that.

keep hope alive jj the phils are still in it. Also, the eagles started 2003 0-2, they finished 2003 12-4.

I've been waiting for this comment all day, brandon. You earned it. All I can say is there are 14 games to go. I'll also put my money where my mouth is. You name the amount. I'll net the eagles finish with a better record than the skins.

It's very possible the Redskins might have a better record than the Eagles this year. The blessing of being so inept and pathetic the year before is an easy schedule. They have a chance in every game aside from the Pats. We'll see if Jason Campbell is the real deal or another Patrick Ramsey when they play the Pats.

As for the Eagles, I don't have much to say in their defense. McNabb looked awful. There will be clamors for Kolb starting soon if he doesn't find his receivers.

Like I previously stated, I'm just making predictions, not wagers. I don't want to take money from a soon to be family man.

JJ, Campbell is already more than Ramsey ever was, which isn't saying much, but I like what I'm seeing. He is making better decisions and that's all the Skins need.

NFC East is totally weak this year, and the Skins are going to run away with it.

JJ, the receivers need to be there before McNabb can find them.

Brandon, Don't compare him to Ramsey, that's not fair to the guy. He missed a couple wide open shots, especially the one to Moss after he'd burned the corner and the safety. I need to see him play some more, but he wasn't awful last night.

My wager offer is good until week 4, I don't care if the Eagles are 0-4 and the Skins are 4-0.

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