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The pic is great!

In that same thread, I said I saw the 76ers beating the Jazz at home, but not winning the other three. So far I'm 2 for 2....

Yup, you're on the money so far, and truth be told, I think you've got the whole string correct. It'll take a miracle for the Sixers to win one of the next two.

Houston absolutely destroyed the Sixers the last time they played, and Detroit, well, let's hope the Sixers hate Webber as much as I do and they're extra motivated.

That Bulls loss the other night still has me fuming. 37 is going to be tough, really tough. Fortunately, no one else seems to want that 8th spot.

So I was win off. Big deal. They are going to lose their next two games. I believe your next on the list to have your predictions proved wrong. Still think the Heat aren't going to make the playoffs?

Don't know, do you still think the Pacers and Knicks are going to make it?

brandon on Mar 19 at 7:26

Yes, I do.

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