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I'm actively rooting for the Yankees to win the division for some many reasons. The epicness of the potential collapse aside (it'll be brushed off in the media because the Sox still got the wild card, but blowing a 15-game lead in June is pretty historical), I'm really just trying to make good on those 4-1 odds I bet on the Yankees to win the division back in June when it looked quite bleak.

Of course, the real money is in the 10-1 odds for the Yankees to win the WS, which is now... 3-1. Never gave up hope...

I'd seriously be in the cardiac center right now if I was betting on the Yanks. I'm pretty close as it is. God, I love the playoff run.

You know, if the Yanks come back and win this thing, or even if they don't, Cashman deserves executive of the year for the moves he didn't make.

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