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You think this will get Jeter any extra rest now?

Hey Buddy-

Did ya see on Pete Abe's site that Bartolo Colon has been scratched from his start ( back stiffness) and Ervin Santana (6-13) is replacing him.

Not that that means a whole lot, but that may help us if we have to face the Angels in the first round.
Santana is the pitcher that we had the least amount of trouble with (aside from Colon).

Looking at their Numbers from the 2005 ALDS combined they gave up 15 hits, 7 earned runs,4 bb, 9 k in 3 games (13.3 innings).

This is all before Colon missed an inordinate amount of time with Back injuries.

Who'd you rather face Brian? Bear in mind that Arod owns Colon for the most part.

It depends on the next couple of days. If they lose any ground to the Sox, yes. If they gain ground, I think Torre plays to win the East. He can then choose the more favorable schedule (with extra off days) in the first round, and he doesn't have to worry about playing an away series at Anaheim.

If we face Anaheim, we're probably going to face Lackey and Escobar 4 times, and the #3 one time, and not face the #4 at all. (this depends on which schedule the Yanks get, if they get the extra days off, this will be the case.) If they do wind up facing the #4 starter, I'd rather face Colon. He's old, damaged garbage. Santana is garbage, but he's young, and still can have dominating stuff, if the stars are aligned.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Sep 19 at 22:03

sorry for not commenting, i had to go purchase a russ adams jersey


Don't buy it yet, we have to get him out over the next four games.

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