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Mike from Bay Area on Sep 19 at 23:33

So, that "blessing in disguise" is sort of a moot point now, huh? Back in the chase and closing in. What's your thinking now - should they still rest guys or play for all the marbles?

Right now, I'm torn. On one hand, we're in the playoffs, so I don't want Joe doing anything to jeopardize the playoffs, just to win the division (I want the rotation set for the first round), on the other hand, we also have a legit shot at the best record and home-field advantage throughout. I think the next couple of days will tell us. If the Yanks leapfrog and/or tie the Sox over the weekend, then go for it. If they slide back a game or two, then you just concentrate on getting all of your ducks in a row.

The best case scenario is that Boston continues to fold, and the Yanks wrap up the East with 2 or 3 games to go, and a chance to rest some guys.

The Play-offs are the most important thing. We don't wanna go down as team that continually won divisions but folded when it mattered most.

Joe should rest his players as needed.

Let's hope they can do both, win the division and rest the guys that need it.

Anyone see this-
(from Yanksfan vs. soxfan.com)


Toronto, September 19 (YFSF Wire) - Boston Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein was involved in a fight last night at a local Toronto watering hole, our sources have learned. Epstein, who led the Red Sox to their first World Series championship in 86 years in 2004, has been lauded as one of the wunderkinds of baseball management. But last night, his ability to move quickly and smartly was not in view, as he was cold-cocked while sipping a beer at approximately 9:47pm. Epstein, who spoke with police following the incident, offered a brief comment to the press, saying "I never saw it coming. He looked tough but fully composed, and normally those are the types of guys I hang with, not who take me out. I wasn't raised to expect the sucker punch". Patrons of the nightclub, who asked for anonymity in return for their comments, said that Epstein "made the right move, he didn't have any way of anticipating that some goateed lumberjack would take him down out of nowhere".

There has been no word on whether Epstein will press charges.

Couldn't get the Picture to copy on to the post, but you can check it out at the site.

Was the "goateed lumberjack" Eric Gagne?

I think you have to go all in for the division and hold nothing back. The yankees play so much better at home and even though rest is important going in, I don't want to much rest to turn into rust and stop this amazing run. Plus, I don't think the Red Sox are planning on stopping their nose-dive anytime soon.

That'd be funny if it was Gagne. Disgruntled over his poor performance, Gagne goes after the source.

I mean, he's gotta blame somebody. There is no way that any of the soxs' follies are their falts. That just can't be, there's gotta be somebody that they can point the finger at.

They aren't REALLY a mediocre team, they just play one on TV.

You guys know that sucker punch thing was a joke, right? It was a spoof written on a blog by a guy who also Photoshopped a black eye on a picture of Theo.

I do now. One of my other fellow bloggers posted a picture that had Epstein's face drawn all over (fake scars...etc.).

I have to admit though, I was suckered in at first. Maybe it was more wishful thinking, and not so much being fooled by a funny story.

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