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Great article here, Brian.... you make some solid points here.

I agree 100% that the play calling shows an arrogance. I suspect Reid has taken control over the play calling again. The play calling under Mornhiweg was much more balanced in the run vs. pass ratio when Reid turned the play calling over to him last year.

The receivers have been maligned for years here.... Thrash, Mitchell, Pinkston, McMullen,Foye, Na Brown, Douglas and now Curtis, Brown and Lewis. Granted, Lewis is garbage and a waste of a roster space but Curtis is a sure handed receiver and so is Avant. But they can't catch bounced passes as McNabb isn't getting the ball to them. And where is the Eagle's promising new TE Celek and Hank Baskett this year? I don't see them included on the offense (same goes for RB Tony Hunt). At what point does the blame shift from the receivers dropping balls and not running routes to McNabb?

While I'll acknowledge there may be a black QB bias, Philly fans aren't booing Donovan because he's black... they're booing him because he isn't completing passes. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, yellow or purple here... if you aren't playing up to your exhorbitant franchise player salary (that is higher than most white players and in the Top Ten in the NFL), you are going to be booed. The Phillies fans boo Pat Burrell every time he goes into a slump for the same reason as they boo McNabb... Big salary = Big expectations. If you don't live up to your salary and stink up the joint, don't expect brotherly love.

McNabb deserves some of the heat, I'm not arguing that, but the coaching staff also needs to put him in situations where he can succeed.

I didn't think he was really getting booed on Monday night. I thought the team got booed for letting the clock run out at the end of the first half, and there was also booing at the end of the game. It's going to be interesting to see what kind of a reaction he gets on Sunday.

Yes, the play calling isn't setting McNabb up to succeed, you are right. Perhaps I'm a bit too hard on McNabb. My opinion of McNabb soured a bit when he kept the TO feud alive and made the 'black on black violence' statement. And then last year he blew that 21 point lead in the Giants game at the Linc and drew a costly taunting penalty. That's when his ability to lead this team came into question with me.

I get the impression McNabb rushed his return because of the drafting of Kolb. IMO, he's playing looking over his shoulder. He's not helping his cause bouncing passes to his receivers and with a 50% pass completion rate. And yes, the play calling is making it worse.

I don't know if you're a hockey fan, but in some ways, McNabb is like Eric Lindros. Tons of talent, huge contract, lots of injuries. But never became the leader the team needs him to be and the fans never really warmed up to him because he seemed aloof. Philadelphia fans will cheer a guy who isn't big on talent but gives it his all and demonstrates leadership, someone like Jeff Garcia. McNabb no doubt is talented, and he could still turn this around.

I don't really follow hockey, but did Lindros lead the Flyers to 4 conference championships and one finals? Also, McNabb finished a game on a broken leg against Arizona a few years ago.

I realize he's been bad this season, but he's earned a longer leash than this, at least in my eyes.

That's the great thing about sports, and being a sports fan, though. What I think doesn't really matter, it's up to each individual fan to make up his/her mind if a guy deserves a little breathing room, or if missing significant time 4 out of 5 years officially ate up that grace period.

If you want to boo him, boo him. That's your right. I'm not ready to say he isn't the guy to lead this team to the promised land just yet, though.

I will say this, though. On Monday night, he drove the team right down the field for the field goal, and then to the 11 yard-line before the errant pass to Curtis, and the dropped pass by Curtis. Those were the two biggest "must have" drives of the season, thus far, and he looked really good doing it. That's a positive sign as far as I'm concerned. I'm looking for him to do more of that this week. We're going to have to wait and see.

I won't boo McNabb now and haven't in the past. I may question his leadership, but I think he's the best option we have now and certainly one of the Top ten QBs in the league when he's healthy. I may have been born in Philadelphia, but I'm
not a boo-bird. I may need a lobotomy and get furious with the team, but I cheer for them even when they are 3 - 13.

But here's what talent alone can not address....
On Monday night, what happened in the huddle when Curtis dropped that McNabb pass? How did McNabb react?

When someone dropped a pass when Garcia threw the ball or misran their route, Garcia jumped all over them. Sometimes leadership means getting in teammate's faces and holding them accountable. It isn't something I see McNabb wanting to do and that offense needs someone to step up and lead. That is what I want to see from McNabb, not talking to the media, but leading and driving his teammates. The TO debacle divided that team and had some questioning his leadership. He needs to be a leader in that huddle.

Bad news... LJ Smith is out for another hernia surgery....(he looked like he was playing injured). Glass half full, maybe we'll see some of Celek finally as he'll split time with Shoebel. And Dawkins is still questionable and not practicing with that neck stinger.

And remember those awful, gay looking powder blue and yellow jerseys the 1933 Champion Frankford Yellow Jackets wore before they became the Philadelphia Eagles? (Jevon Kearse modeled that jersey this summer). Well, they're wearing that throwback jersey this week...shudder. I hope they play better than those uniforms look.

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