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Did Cashman come up with the Joba rules?

Nope, it was Nardi Contreras, the Minor League pitching director. And I believe they're going to be thrown out the window, or at least there are going to be fewer of them going forward.

You have to hand it to Contreras... he's just trying to protect his young pitcher. So often, the Major League teams call these guys out and overuse them if they are successful and blow out their arms.

I think the rules have done their job up to this point, but the playoffs are a different story. They need Joba, and they need him whenever the situation calls for him. Obviously, you don't want to hurt the kid, or his future, but I think the rules were more of a security blanket to get him to this point, and have him ready for the playoffs.

Yeah, I agree with you... I think he's ready. The rules, as you said, have gotten him to this point healthy and ready for the playoffs. If he's used heavily now, at least he'll have a few months rest coming to recover after the Series.
I still think it was a good way to start him out.

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