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Did Shaun Andrews get poked in the eye?
I thought Linemen played with the shields to prevent that.

McNabb looks insanely good today and is spreading that ball around well. He's the McNabb of old, and that's good to see. It's good to see him completing those long passes.

I worry about Westbrook's ribs, couldn't they have taken him out earlier? He's not going to be able to take this kind of pounding all season. He's had an insanely good game today too, even if he doesn't play the rest of the game.

What a difference not facing guys like Al Harris, Rod Woodson and Shaun Springs makes.

An awesome performance by everyone. And B-Dawk is a great cheerleader!

And who would have thought they'd play so tough in those sissy uniforms? Maybe they should wear them against the Giants next week.

I have tickets to the Dallas game November 4th. I hope they play this well then.

McNabb was really, really impressive today. His first two incompletions were both thrown away. I think he threw about 20 passes before one was really off the mark.

Good to see him come out and put up a game like this under the circumstances.

He threw the ball with so much more confidence. The best thing to see is those long passes and his receivers wide open. He wasn't getting any long passes in week one or two, just dinky ones that were the equivelant of runs.

And a balanced attack... Westbrook ran that ball well! And Tony Hunt gets a TD! And Curtis... wow!

Everything clicked.

Any word on Westbrooks ribs, Andrew's eye, and Thomas' knee?

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