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I agree Brian, Joba is a truly amazing ballplayer.

Good day to be an Eagles/Yanks fan yesterday. You must have been psycked.

Are you gonna have a thread during the game?

This guy Listch is throwing a damn gem, he's kinda pissin me off. He seems to be getting more arrogant with every batter retired.

The Yanks seem to have no life after they gave up those first 3 runs. They look like they don't care what the outcome of this game is.

We can't friggin buy a hit today. So frustrating.

Of course my co-workers are absolutly eatin it up, they love that I get annoyed about games like this.

Stupid Orioles and Jays fans. Not a good day to pick on me. Good thing I'm the boss, more work for everybody all around.

It's petty but I don't care. That'll teach to mess w/ this Yankees fan.

Somehting I forgot to mention in my last post. I was toolin around on all the blogs and noticed a poll on the sox and pinstripes blog. It asked who people think would win the world series if it started today.

Good bad or indifferent, everybody agrees that the Yanks would take it. That got me to thinking........

If there were 15-20 games left do you think the sox would even make the play-offs?

Maybe, maybe not. Any team that would have to play 177-182 games and then play in the playoffs would be a lot different, based purely on the level of fatigue.

You can look at these things a number of ways. I mean, if they played 50 games instead of 162, the Yankees, with their 21-29 record, wouldn't have been in.

But they play 162, and both teams will play in October.


Definitely looked like the Yankees were asleep during this one. Disappointing. They've got their work cut out for them if they want the division.

Are you going to any of the games in Balto later this weeek?

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