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Sorry I didn't gat back to ya earlier. I was planning on getting to at least one game in Bmore this weekend.

Not sure which one, but I don't wanna miss an opportunity to see the Yanks play. ( even if the game is meaningless )

Are you headin down to go to a game?

Nah, no traveling for the next couple of weeks for me, my wife's due date is next Wed.

The games might not be meaningless, though. You could see the Yanks clinch the East :)

Congrats to you and your wife! Best of luck to both of you.

Do you know what it is yet? What I mean to say is, is it a Yanks fan or a sox fan? jk

I know you'll educate the kid right!

Are you gonna keep the blog running while your tending to your family? If you need a pinch blogger I'd be happy to try and fill your shoes.

She'll be a Yankee fan, there's no doubt about that.

Thanks for the offer, but the blog will live on. I've got a couple of weeks off from my day job so I should still have time for this. It's going to be the middle of the playoffs, so I'll definitely be watching (in between diaper changes).

No sweat man just thought I'd ask. I've been wanting to contribute to some of these great Yanks blogs for a while, just haven't really had the balls to ask anybody.

Yours is well written and NO trolls!! (always a plus!)

Good luck w/ them diapers, I fortunatly am not at that juncture in my life. YET.

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