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Mike from Bay Area on Sep 25 at 19:20

Yeah, while winning the division would be sweet, a favorable matchup (i.e. the Tribe in the first round) would be sweeter to me at this point. Don't want anything to do with the Halos, hopefully they get kicked out by the Sox.

I don't care if we face them, I just don't want to face them in a short series without home field advantage.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 25 at 19:41

Igawa is one lucky guy. Doubt he'll be as lucky in subsequent innings.

He's just horrible. Only scoring 1 in the first is going to bit the Yanks in the ass.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 25 at 20:06

Wow, a no-doubter. How many runs needed to be Igawa-proof? A couple more salamis?

Double digits, minimum. He does have a no-hitter through 2 innings, though. :)

I am a huge yankees eagles and sixers fan and you write the best blog i have ever seen in my life, i read it every single night and you always say the same exact thing that i think after i finish watching these games.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 25 at 20:18

There goes the no-no. Disappointing.

Thanks for the kind words R, and welcome.

Amazing graphics. I'm jealous once again, Brian...

And there's the walk to Upton... bases loaded, 2 outs, and Delmon Young is up. My bet is Young strikes out on a ball outside the strike zone....

I thought Young's shot was gone when it left the bat. Thanks SML, it's tough to keep up with them, thank God for TiVo.

That heckler in the seats gets the award for Best Thing About Tampa That Isn't The Weather. He's... unreal.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 25 at 20:47

Hey, did some people actually try to do the roll-call sometime during 1st/2nd? I thought it sounded like that, at least on the mlb.tv feed. Probably wouldn't be too surprising if there were more Yankees fans down there at the stadium than the Rays fans.

Wow, Igawa's luck isn't running out just yet, amazingly.

I assume it's the same heckler who is at every Tampa game. The guy is crazy, and I don't know how his throat takes it. He must go through a lot of lozenges.

I think they might've booted the heckler, I can't hear him anymore.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 25 at 21:01

I don't get it - is it the Rays' lineup sucking or Igawa's pitching not so bad? Hard to say, with all these walks but getting the balls hit right at people.

He's apparently a regular. I doubt they'll kick him out. He's probably taking a break to get more beer.

This is the crappiest shutout I've ever seen someone pitch. It's an affront to every other shutout ever.

It's luck. They need to get him out of there before it's too late.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Sep 25 at 21:09

stat of the day courtesy of pete abraham:

Igawa is on pace to throw 176 pitches and walk 11. But he is throwing a shutout.

Hey its gotta count for something...does anyone else think they want to get igawa just good enough to trade him for prospects or something...

The only problem with trading him is that they eat the posting fee $26M. Any team that picks him up only has to pay the salary, which is actually pretty cheap ($14M/4 years). Financially, it doesn't really help them that much.

I think they try to turn him into a lefty specialist this off season. If that doesn't work, then they bite the bullet and move him.

Sorry, it's $16M/4 years.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Sep 25 at 21:41

please oh please let ross ohlendorf be on the playoff roster over these 2 failures

I have a feeling he will be.

That's one of the few times this year I've seen Jeter make the play going 2 his right...

That was a big play by Jeter. Love to see it.

Just got up a little while ago from an all nite Halo 3 binge to see that you had a great live blog going Brian.

Looks like some good comments were said. I swear the Yanks have the best fans in the world.

Tough loss last night, not much more to say about it except today is another day.

Brian- did you see that Clemens has been shut down for the regular season?!?!?!?

What's up w/ that? If you have any more info can you pass it along to the rest of us?

Welcome to all the new readers, it's good to see a great blog gain some momentum!


He's breaking down, and I think he realizes he has a limited number of outings left in his arm. My guess is that he makes another trip to Houston for "cortisone" shots, and he comes back really strong for his first start in the playoffs. How he bounces back from that start is another question. I think the Yanks just don't want to use up any of what he has left until the games really count.

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