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I stand by my comment and right now the Yanks are leading 2-1 in the bottom of the fourth. Jeter blasted the game-tying homer as soon as I got in my car. Yep, I'm a prophet.

And Pennington is legit!! Just look at his stats!! He's a winner!! He's a winner.

The Yanks still look asleep to me. I just want them to clinch this thing, and get themselves ready for Cleveland.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Sep 26 at 20:45

and the offense finally makes a guest appearence in tampa. lol

OK, they woke up when A-Rod got beaned.

The rout is on!!

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 26 at 20:56

Cleveland has 8 games left with all those rain outs. What happens to the ALDS matchups if they can't complete all their games? Halos would be playing the Sox, but say the Tribe lost a bunch of games they wouldn't now play, Halos might play us, which I'm sure they would love to. What do the rules says?

Cleveland only has 6 left, 2 tonight, then 4 over the last 4 days of the year. They have a 4-game lead over the Angels (in the loss column), I don't think they're going to lose that. I think it's pretty much written in stone that the Yanks will face the Tribe in the first round.

Mike from Bay Area on Sep 26 at 22:06

Well, hypothetically then.

I'm pretty sure the rules say you have to play the games no matter what, if they have an effect on the standings.

On another subject, is there anyone out there who doesn't think Carlos Pena is on roids, or something similar?

Man, I really nailed this game. I must truly have the gift of second sight.

Predictions on the Jets game? I have Buffalo winning a snooze-fest.

Oh, man. It's too early in the football season for me to make predictions on the Jets. Facing a crippled 0-3 team on the road should be a "W" though.

Crippled? That's cold man.

Wow, you know what, I didn't even think about my choice of words. That was poor taste.

Still, they are beat up.

You guys can't have a discussion on lackluster QB's w/o mentioning Grossman. He a gamer!

Did anyone else get the feeling that this years Yankees team seems more mentally ready to go after a ring.

During the postgame party that seemed to be central theme. They're not so ready to pat themselves on the back just yet ( as opposed to last year).

Hopefully Clevland will be beat up from finishing all these games they have to play this week, and we'll be able to roll over them with some ease.

Manny's back, should we be worried? Think he went 3-4 last night.

Manny and Ortiz are the only two guys I worry about in that lineup. If you can keep the guys in front of them off base, the lineup isn't that dangerous.

Honestly, none of the lineups in the playoffs even come close to the Yankee lineup, it's just a matter of whether the pitching can hold up.

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