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Good call on giving Hughes props Bri, he Def. earned it.

Also glad to see the letter to the skipper back, always a fun read when kickin off the work day.

I guess the ball is in our court down here in charm city, here's hoping for a birds implosion and a Division title for our boys!

can't wait to get the hell outta here so I can get to Camden yards.

If Clemens is unable to make his start (whether it's the first game or third) who do you think gets the nod? Mussina or Hughes?

I think Mussina gets the start. I hope Hughes gets it. There's a playoff preview brewing in my head, a couple of them actually. Just waiting to see who the Yanks are going to play.

Enjoy the game (I hope you don't get rained on). Send me any pictures you take and I'll put them up.

Thanx man, hopefully it doesn't rain.

I'll try to take some pics on sunday. I'm sitting behind the visitors dugout so I should be able to get some good pics of the guys in the on deck circle etc.

Think I'd also like to see what hughes can do with a postseason start. I feel like we have a good shot this year. This is some of the best pitching we've had in years.

I can't say that I was too confident having Jaret Wright in the back end of our rotation. (what a mistake he was, think the O's just got rid of him altogether).

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