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Rick Shaw on Sep 29 at 8:39

Great blog...I check it almost every day. Why aren't you a Phils fan considering you root for the Eagles and the Sixers...?

North Jersey Rick

Good observations Brian. That game was meaningless, you could tell by the way the Yanks reacted to their loss. It didn't seem to bother them in the least.

We stayed until the last pitch, I was a bit disappointed to see Mo fail like that. I guess that comes of years of watching him succeed.

I have no doubt that he'll turn it on in the play-offs, along w/ Jeet, Arod, Posada and the others. These guys are vets at this and know how to win.

I think this is the year, this team is pretty strong. They work as a unit and have developed this grittiness that only comes from adversity.

They'll win.

Go yanks! See you at the Yard tonight!

Think Giambi will be somewhere else next season?


Unless he retires, I think the Yanks are stuck with him next year. He's owed $21M for 2008. After next year, the Yanks can buy him out for $5M. He has a no trade, which he may waive for a chance to play every day, but it's doubtful that anyone is going to trade for that contract. I think it'll be more of the same from him next year.


I started out as a Phils fan, but when Mattingly came up I was about 6 and started watching the Yanks on the sly. Been a die-hard Yankee fan ever since. I still follow the Phils, and root for them, but I live and die w/ the Yanks.


At least you got to see another A-Bomb. I figure he plays today, sits tomorrow. I could be wrong though. Were there as many Yankee fans in the park as usual last night?

As usual there were an abundance on Yanks fans at the Yard last nite but not an overwhelming amount.

Believe or not the O's fans came out in pretty big numbers.

GM's inqiury about The giambino got me wondering about some other players on the current sqaud.

Where do think Damon will be next year? I know he signed that 4 yr $52 mil deal, but is there a chance cash tries to unload him?

What do you see happeneing w/ Godzilla? I know he is signed through '09 aswell. I am not asking if they'll trade him but if they'll use more heavily in the DH spot? Maybe 1st base is in his future?

If they damon meybe they'll platoon him and Marsui in left.

Finally I wanted to mention that I to got into the Yanks (growing up in north Jersey) when Donnie baseball came up aswell, I was 5 his rookie year.

I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but
What are the possibilities of a Phils/Yankees World Series matchup?!

JJ that'd be pretty cool, I like this version of the Phils a lot.

what about Cubs/Yanks?

If it is Phils/Yanks Brian would probably be torn between the two.

I'm sure not his whole family are Yanks fans.

It would make for entertaining live blogging on this blog though!

For me, A Phils/Yankees match up is a win/win situation. One of the teams I'm rooting for has got to get there... if both get there, bonus.

I agree with Aaron though... it would make for some great blogging!

The Phils need to win today. I don't want a one-game playoff for them, I'm not sure who would pitch it, maybe lohse on 3 days rest? It would probably be Pedro for the Mets.

I don't see Damon, Matsui or Giambi being gone next year. Godzilla will probably DH and Damon will probably play left. Giambi will probably ride pine. Their contracts are huge, I think it would be a tough sell.

If it is a Yanks/Phils series there's no doubt, I'll be rooting for the Yanks. If the Phils face anyone else, I'm rooting for them, but not against the Bombers.

Damon, Jeet, Arod, and Godzilla all sitting tonight.

Here's lineup :

Cabrera cf, Betemit 3b, Abreu rf, Giambi dh, Cano 2b, Posada c, Duncan 1b, Sardinha lf, Gonzalez ss, Pettitte p.

I'm headin over to the Yard early to snag some autographs. If ya show early enough they let ya get right down on the field on the first base side.

Tejada is a good sport about it, so are all of the Yanks.

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