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Brian if a player is injured during the any of the 3 rounds of the play-offs and is basically out of commision do the Yanks just have to eat the spot on the roster or can you add someone that wasn't already there?

I am asking b/c of Clemens. If he comes up lame or is unable to pitch altogether then will we just have 24 players on the post season roster?

How does that work?

You can add/drop in between rounds, but no within a round. If Clemens comes up lame before game 3, they can't add someone to the roster until the ALCS.

I think you forgot Abreu...

I generally agree with your list...If I were Cash/Joe, I would break it down piece-by-piece (offense, starters, relievers, bench, and guys on the bubble). Start with the definites, and then see who's left and what needs you have. I think it goes like this:

Starting hitters:

1. Posada
2. Mientkiewicz
3. Cano
4. Jeter
5. A-Rod
6. Matsui
7. Melky
8. Abreu
9. Damon

Starting pitchers (only need 3 in ALDS):

10. Wang
11. Pettitte
12. Clemens


13. Rivera
14. Joba
15. Vizcaino
16. Hughes
17. Mussina
18. Kennedy
19. Farnsworth


20. Giambi
21. Betemit
22. Molina

On the bubble:

Shelley Duncan
Bronson Sardinia
Ross Ohlendorf
Edwar Ramirez
Ron Villone
Jose Veras
Brian Bruney

So, that leaves 3 open spots for 7 "on the bubble" guys. I agree with your assessment on Bruney and Edwar...cant trust them yet. I also dont think Veras has earned it. So then, who's the odd man out from Villone, Ohlendorf, Duncan, Sardinha?

I'm pretty sure Joe will want to have a lefty in there to pitch to Sizemore/Hafner. But here's the thing...Rivera will pitch the 9th in any close game, Joba will pitch the 8th in any close game, and either Viz will pitch the 7th in any close game, or some combination of Hughes and Mussina. Which means you really only need Villone for mop-up duty in a blowout, or if you need to get out of a jam in the 6th inning.

However, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

For his career, Mike Mussina has pitched better against lefties than righties. Lefties have had a BA/OBP/SLG of .243/.292/.369 against him, compared to .264/.300/.427 for righties. For his career, Villone is .241/.347/.359 against lefties. So, similar BAs and SLGs against, but Moose obviously walks less hitters than Villone

Also, this year righties have actually hit Villone better than lefties. Probably a fluke, but something to keep in mind. So, I think Joe will take Villone, but I dont think the Yanks will need him. After all, would you rather have a mediocre lefty (Villone) facing Sizemore, or a good righty like Moose, Joba, Viz, Hughes, Kennedy, Ohlendorf, or Mo facing him?

I was thinking about Sardinha and Duncan, and which needs they fill. Duncan obviously gives you power, but do the Yankees really need that? The Yankees led all AL teams in HRs this year, so they're getting plenty of pop from the regulars. Plus, Giambi will be coming off the bench in some games, which gives the Yankees some bench power. But if Giambi starts the game at first and gets lifted for a pinch-runner or defensive replacement, and then you end up needing another big bat, Duncan can be a nice option.

I then thought the Yankees could use a pinch-runner type to run for say...Mientkiewicz, Giambi, or Posada if down 1 run late in the game. But then I was a little disappointed to find out that Sardinha only has 26 SBs combined in 3 years in the minors. However, he's the best pinch-running option we have (unless Damon starts a game on the bench)

So, taking all these factors into account, and the fact that I already have 10 pitchers listed as definites, I'm taking both Duncan and Sardinha (since a situation will almost certainly arise where you will want to replace somebody like Giambi or Posada on the basepaths). Then, I have to pick between Villone and Ohlendorf. And when it comes down to it, I guess I'll take Villone, just because you might want to put him in to face Hafner, Sizemore, or Lofton in one of those close-but-not-too-close games, where you might want to save Viz, Joba, or Mo for the next game. You may also want to use Villone to pitch to Victor Martinez, making him bat from the right side, towards Yankee Stadium's deeper side of the outfield

However, if Clemens is hurt and cant go, Ohlendorf is the first replacement

So, we basically have the same list, after accounting for you forgetting Abreu. I guess great minds think alike, huh?


When I said "this year righties have actually hit Villone better than lefties.", I meant it the other way around...lefties have hit him better this year


First, good catch about Abreu. If you add him in, then I'd probably agree that Ohlendorf gets dropped. Villone is probably more useful than Ohlendorf (the Yanks have SOOOO many right handers out there, Joe would feel naked w/out at least one lefty).

That being said, I don't see Joe going with 10 pitchers. I think it's the right move, but I just don't see him making it. My guess is that it'll come down to Sardinha and Duncan for the last spot, and I really don't know who Joe picks in that situation. He loves to have the pinch runner on the bench, so my best bet is that he takes Sardinha.

Great analysis, by the way.

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