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This is not an Eagle night. Their only down 7-0, but they look pathetic. They could still, despite all odds, pull this one out, though.

No matter what, I still go to bed happy. The Phils are in the playoffs, the Mutts aren't. If the Giants win, we're even.

I agree with you that Reggie Brown needs to get the hell out on that field and show something... anything. He's pulling a disappearing act.

Did you notice J.R. Reid is back with the team? Perhaps due to the injuries in the secondary. What a mismatch, Plaxico Burress and Sheldon Brown. He has at least a half a foot on him.

The Defense doesn't look bad, it just looks like they're playing a mirror image of themselves in the Giants. Perhaps that is in part because of Spagnola.

But why the hell don't the Birds use Hunt?! They had Mahe in more than him.

What could they do to pull this one out, Brian?

PS.. Norv Turner is proving he can run any team into the ground, even one that was 13-3 last year.

McNabb needs to get hot at this point. They waited too long, they had about 2 full quarters to just run the ball right through this defense, and they kept trying to pass. They're down by too much to run the ball now. Start out with a few screens, make those rushers a little hesitant.

I was very critical of McNabb after Game 2. But in this game, he's without the team's best offensive player, his favorite target and a steady dependable guard. Winston Justice just got schooled on every play and there were ten sacks of McNabb the last time I counted. And Reno Mahe is too little to block for pass protection. It was too much for him to overcome.

Andy shot the team in the foot by not running Buckhalter and HUNT (remember him?) in tandem from the first Quarter. Buckhalter successfully moved the ball, yet Reid seemed determined to pass even with shitty protection. As for Reggie Brown, he was as nonexistent as Greg Lewis until that called back TD.

The killer was when they didn't have the right personnel on the field in the beginning of the fourth quarter and had to burn that timeout. That's bad coaching. For the past two years, this team is burning unneccessary timeouts because they are unprepared. What the hell is Andy doing on the sidelines anyway... fielding calls from his jailbird sons?

And your favorite ex-Eagle has landed.... Dhani Jones had seven tackles in his first game with the Cincinnati Bengals. I'm not sure what he did yesterday. And ex-Eagle Jeff Garcia won again for Tampa Bay. No sign of Jeremiah Trotter... I'm not sure he's even seeing the field for playing time as he's third on the depth charts there.

I'd take this Eagle loss a lot harder if it weren't for the Phillies.

it's obvious what the eagles need to do to start winning. WEAR THOSE AWESOME THROWBACKS!!!

I thought I would just pipe in on this one. Rub it in to my two brother in laws. Phili sucks! GGGGGGGGGGG-Men Win!

I guess we have 2 Erics on the blog. This game shows just how bad the Detroit defense is. The receivers weren't able to get separation again and the injured o-line was disgusting. C-Buck ran pretty well but didn't get enough touches. To those who thought Reggie Brown would break out with a 1,000 yard season...um yea. Donovan needs to get in a flow. He bounced a couple passes. I'm sure it would be different if he had his main target out there and more than 2 seconds to throw. The outcome would also probably be different if B-West,L.J, W.Thomas, Lito and B-Dawk were out there or just 3 out of the 5. He constantly had pressure and was on his back.

JJ: I'm glad the Phillies' win took the sting out of this one for you. I'm still pretty angry about it. Still happy for the Phils, though (and will continue to root for them, until they face the Yanks)

Eric #1: The Giants are still a putrid team, only a bit less putrid than the team the Eagles put on the field last night. Eric #1 is my brother-in-law, we'll have to work out a name for him.

Eric #2: Detroit's defense is just horrible, but I don't think the Giants' defense is for real either. The Eagles let them just tee off on McNabb, they didn't concern themselves with the run at all, because Reid didn't make them. They had a weakened offensive line, and were missing their biggest threat in the passing game. It was a deadly combination, and honestly, we're lucky McNabb is still standing after that game.

Did the Giant defense look a little like the Eagle defense at times to anyone else with all the blitzing?

I was angry after games #1 and #2, and while this one should disgust me, I'm just so damn happy about the Phils that the Eagles laying an egg just doesn't bother me.

What worries me is the Eagles/Dallas matchup November 4th that our family has tickets to see. Tony Romo is looking very good out there. If the Iggles can't handle the Giants or the Skins, they certainly can't handle the 'Boys. Thank God for bye weeks. We have two weeks for them to get healthy.

PS...Reggie Brown is beginning to remind me of Greg Lewis. Initial flashes of promise and talent, followed by a disappearing act. I hate to make that comparison and hope I'm wrong.

eric- it's brothers-in-law. THROWBACKS!!!

brandon on Oct 1 at 20:41

Last night's game proved just how bad the Eagles are without their only player with any kind of athletic ability. Does this team have any depth at all? The sooner Westbrook gets over his sore placenta, the better for Eagles. By then, of course it will be too late.

If by depth you mean the ability to make up for 5 injured starters, 4 of whom are Pro Bowlers, and one of whom is their best runner and receiver, then I guess not. They still should've won this game though.

The Eagles have a bye next week, Westbrook will be back in two weeks for an easy win over the Jets.

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