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As with SML, you were right on in the NL, not as accurate in the AL.

Things that make you go HMMM....

Off topic, but do you think Willie Randolph deserves to lose his job because of the Mutts' collapse? I liked Willie Randolph when he was a player and don't think this implosion was his fault....

He really didn't have the horses. I don't think he should lose his job, ultimately, this was one part Minaya's fault and two parts the players' fault. They were a flawed team, but at some point, a player needs to say, "I'm not going to let us lose this game," like John Mayne did on Saturday.

JJ beat me to it, but yeah... you also did better on the NL than the AL. I guess our biases messed us up, particularly in the AL East.

Agree on your take on the Mets. Minaya failed, and the players failed (particularly Oliver Perez and Tom Glavine, wildness killing them). Blaming Willie is futile.

This sounds weird, but what goes around comes around. Karma came back and bit the Mutts in the a$$.

How ironic that Glavine should fail. When Glavine was a free agent a few years back, he visited Philadelphia. He was treated like royalty... Governor Eddie Rendell personally escorted him around and he was warmly welcomed everywhere. Glavine attended a Philadelphia Flyers game that I was at and when he appeared on the Phanavision screen, the whole stadium gave him a standing ovation. Then three days later, the shmuck signs with the Mutts. Everytime he pitches here, the boos are especially loud.

And after Billy Wagner left Philadelphia for the Mutts, he ripped Pat Burrell, Bobby Abreu and others for not having the heart to win. He conveniently ignored the fact that he blew three saves in the last ten days in his last year in Philly, two of them against the Astros, who won the wild card.

I place the blame of the Mutts' collapse on the players more than Minaya or Randolph. I think the talent was there for the Mutts, the heart wasn't. Their defense was pathetic in the last month, and who was it that made that idiotic statement that 'the team was just bored?' This collapse was on par with the Phil's collapse in 1964 and oh so sweet that it happens to the Mutts.

Minaya has supposedly backed Willie Randolph and said he's liked the job he's done. I don't know much about Met ownership but I hope they don't look at these guys at scapegoats.

I don't think heads are really going to roll, but I do think this will make the Mets a lot more active in the off season. Last year they pretty much stood pat. They have a young core in Wright, Reyes and Beltran. A couple of emerging guys in Milledge and Gomez, one legit starter in Mayne, and a shaky bullpen. They need pitching, and they need it now.

Oh, what a horrible year for Oakland. I am just hoping they take a long look at that roster and dump some salary. I like the young players a ton. Also, I do not agree with giving Bob Geren an extension on his contract. Hire Joe Girardi please.

I never understood Joe Girardi getting fired in Florida. I thought he was a decent manager. Oakland would be fortunate to pick him up.

Billy Beane's method of assessing talent is masterful. I just read Moneyball again a few months ago, and having an idiot as a GM in Philly makes you appreciate Beane even more. I just wish he was here. Just imagine what he could do with the Phils' payroll if he could get that far on the measley payroll Oakland has.

Girardi is the last GM Beane would ever want. He wants an empty uniform in the dugout who will basically make exactly the moves he wants made, according to statistics. Girardi is more of an old school baseball guy, who loves to hit and run, steal, bunt...you know, manage. His style goes directly against Moneyball philosophies.

I think he'll be managing somewhere next year. He turned down the Baltimore gig in the middle of this season, he's just waiting for the right opportunity.

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