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This is embarrassing...
I'm a Phillies fan, go to their website, and can't find their NLDS roster! They still have their 40 man roster listed and not the 25 man roster for the NLDS. Can anyone help me out with that one?

I did read of one who is NOT on the Phils' roster...the Phils left Adam Eaton off their NLDS roster! WOO-HOO~! Life is good! I didn't think they'd have the guts to do it! That probably means they are going with a three man starting rotation... Hamels, Kendrick and Moyer. Possible fourth starter, the psychophrenic J.D. Durbin, who has been brilliant one minute, absolutely terrible the next.

My question is are you better going with a rotation of three solid starters, or do you need that fourth starter?

And if Clemens isn't ready to go for the Yankees as #3 starter, will they move Moose up or will they put Hughes in his stead and keep Moose as #4?

And with Boston, I'm assuming Schilling will be ready to go for Game #3? If he isn't, will they move Clay Buckholz onto the active roster?

There's no reason to assume Schilling can't go for game 3. He's not hurt. He pitched in the last week of the season, and pitched well, and there was no need to bring him back for his final start on Sunday after the division had already been clinched. I don't think they're lying when they say they just want to get him more rest, but maybe I'm wrong.

They're also claiming that Buchholz will not play at all for the rest of the postseason. They didn't like his results in some sort of fatigue tests that they run on all the pitchers, so they shut him down. I don't see them backing off of that stance.

Well written Brian,

Good insight, I agree that if Joe waits for the big shot we are doomed.

I was so frustarted last postseason with our squad b/c it seemed that they were just waiting for 3 run dingers that never came.

I think Arod is primed to correct the mistakes made from the last few play-offs.

Lackey over Beckett- Good prediction. No Gary Matthews for the Halos, that hurts Lackey a little, but not enough.


Here's the Phils roster:

Antonio Alfonseca; Clay Condrey; Tom Gordon; Cole Hamels; Kyle Kendrick; Kyle Lohse; Jose Mesa; Jamie Moyer; Brett Myers; J.C. Romero

Rod Barajas; Chris Coste; Carlos Ruiz

Greg Dobbs; Wes Helms; Ryan Howard; Tadahito Iguchi; Abraham Nunez; Jimmy Rollins; Chase Utley

Michael Bourn; Pat Burrell; Aaron Rowand; Shane Victorino; Jayson Werth


WHat do you think about using Matsui against Sabathia?

I've seen him pitch this season and he is nasty agianst lefties, we never really had a problem w/ him in the past but he is a different pitcher now.

I've read that Matsui is feeling better but do you still take a chance on him?

or do you think Torre uses Duncan?

Do you haqve any other thoughts on players that should be used tomorrow? or not used for that matter.

Thanks Brian. The Phils still don't have it listed on their site.

Erin, I don't understand the deal with Buckholz. I saw him pitch one game on TV and he looked awesome. It looks as if many teams are going with a three man rotation. The Yankees have four, provided Clemens can go. I think that's Torre reluctant to insult his veteran pitcher Moose moreso than anything. Who knows? If Moose pitches well, Torre then looks like a genius.

And Brian, was that rumor true that Joe plans on using Frankenstein today?

Lackey over Beckett tonight seems like a very strange pick to me. Lackey sucks at Fenway, and has throughout his career, including this season against this lineup. It's a large enough career sample size (eight games, I think) that you have to take notice. His career ERA at Fenway is 7.46. This season, he's pitched two games at Fenway. His totals: 9.2 innings, 20 hits, nine earned runs, for an ERA of 8.80.

Meanwhile, at Fenway against the Angels this season, Beckett has pitched thirteen innings, giving up ten hits, two walks, and two earned runs, for a 1.38 ERA.

As for Buchholz, I don't understand it either. The Red Sox claim they don't talk about the tests they do on their pitchers, but whatever they do, Buchholz failed. It's strange, but I have to believe that they'd put him in there if they thought he could go.

I don't see how you can pick Lackey over Beckett at Fenway. I think Beckett is a giant jerk, but I'd never bet against him, esp. at Fenway. You'd have to think if Beckett pitches as he's pitched with the Marlins in the playoffs, he's practically unbeatable.

I took the Angles because the Sox are not the team now they were in April and May. The early wins count for the final record, but they don't reflect the ability level of the team on the field tonight.

The Angels are a better team, and I expect them to show it tonight, and throughout the series.

The series is one thing. It should be tight, and I could see an argument made for the Angels. But Lackey over Beckett at Fenway?

We shall see. The game isn't only about starting pitchers.

I know that. But you didn't say "Red Sox over Angels" first. You said "Lackey over Beckett", (then picked the Angels in 5), which is very much about the starting pitching. And that's what I'm questioning.

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