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Why are so many people over at ESPN taking the Indians?

Do they really have that much of an edge over us?

Dont know if you saw but I posted a question asking about yer thoughts on torre using Matsui tomorrow vs. using shelley.

what are your thoughts on that?

Do you have any thoughts on any other match-ups during the series? ie- Gm 2? gm 3?

Outstanding job, Bri. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Aaron, I'm absolutely, 100% in favor of Frankenstein as DH in game 1. If you take a look at the spreadsheet, you'll see that Matsui is 0-9 in his career against sabathia. Plus, I feel like when joe has a younger guy in there, he's more apt to make the little moves to manufacture runs.

Good point, I am for Franky Duncan in there too. I hope to hell we play the right kind of ball this postseason.

Manufacturing runs, stealing bases, stellar defense are what will help us win. We posses all the tools to execute these necessary ways of winning.

It sickens me to sit there and watch Torre wait for the big bomb. Screw that stuff. In fact it almost felt like at times in the past few weeks Torre was playin that kinda ball. Maybe it was cus we had rookies in there.

Do you have faith in Torre? How do feel about his bullpen management?

If we get knocked out in the 1st round will he be back?

I'm not sure if he'll be back either way. If they Yanks get knocked out in the first round, I don't think he'll be asked back by the Yanks. If they win it all, or come close, it'll be his decision.

In the playoffs, I usually don't have a problem with Joe's use of the bullpen. The main problem in the regular season is that he uses the bullpen like it's a do or die game. He burns guys out, because he trusts them. In the playoffs I only want the guys he trusts in there.

There is one portion of bullpen management that Joe is horrible at in the post season. That's extra innings. Joe pretty much always reaches a point where he just throws in the towel. He manages the 8th, 9th and 10th with a do or die attitude, then when we get to the 11th or 12th he brings in someone like Jeff Weaver or Sean Henn. He needs to stretch the 8th-10th inning guys out, and make them last through the 11th or 12th. You can't give games away.

Just wondering why for the the yankees pitchers you used this season's stats and for the yankee's batters you listed their career numbers. CC hasn't faced the yankess since 2004 and hasn't gone up against arod since he was with texas.

Figures a yanks fan would mangle the stats to lead a moron to believe that the yankees batters crushed CC.

Whatever keep believing that pitching will get you somewhere, and good luck hitting CC with a change considering none of your team has seen that yet, or fausto's sinking fastball.

Figures a yanks fan would mangle the stats to lead a moron to believe that the yankees batters crushed CC.


I used the exact same statistics for the Yankees and the Indians, career numbers. You can tell this because at the top it says (Career Numbers) in big letters. Sorry if it was difficult for you to follow. I pulled the stats from http://www.baseball-reference.com you can double check them if you don't believe me. Figures an Indians fan wouldn't be able to read a spreadsheet.

Yankee batters have crushed CC in the past, that's just a fact. Whether past performance predicts the future is another matter, but the numbers are the numbers.

The Yanks have seen Fausto's sinking fastball, they beat him in August and he had a no decision against them in April.

Thanks for the kind words about MVN...and good luck in this series...

The reason why ESPN all picks the Indians is because ESPN WANTS the Yankees to lose...

They don't have the playoffs...so they are looking for TNT and Fox to take regional hits.

I think the Indians are going to win...don't get me wrong...but call me biased...

I definitely missed that at the top, the numbers look much more comprehensive for the batters than the pitchers, and I assumed.

Again my bad

But, I still don't think the yanks will be able to touch CC.

Good luck and keep up the good work with the blog, I just came across it today.


Best of luck to you as well. I think ESPN's hatred of the Yanks is one part jealousy over not getting the playoffs and two parts a heavy New England influence in their employees.


Don't worry about it. The fact of the matter is, the sample size for the Yankee pitchers is really small. Pettitte and Clemens have been in the N.L. for the past couple of years, so haven't faced most of the young Indians' hitters, plus they only play a couple of series per year. A couple of hitters have a history (Lofton has 62 ABs against Pettitte), but you have a lot of low numbers in there. The Yankee lineup hasn't changed over as much, so guys like Jeter/A-Rod/Damon have faced the Tribe pitchers a bunch of times, at least the veteran Tribe pitchers.

I really wasn't making any kind of "we're going to kill you guys" statement with the spreadsheet, I just thought it would be a cool tool to have as we watched the games. It would give us a better understanding of some of the late game moves each manager makes if we know the history of the batters and pitchers.

yes i agree it will a nice tool to refer to late in the games to understand the moves whether safe or risky given the current data.

As far as the ESPN picks I don't put any faith into half those talking heads. Gammons, Neyer, Olney and Stark are they guys i respect the most. Interestingly enough most of the blogosphere is taking the yanks(http://deadspin.com/sports/alds/playoff-pants-party-indians-vs-yankees-306195.php)

Also didn't realize you linked up the names in that excel sheet, pretty sweet analysis.

Hey guys...I was just reading a series preview on baseball prospectus, and I read something that I wasnt really expecting to find out...the Yankees actually had 41 sacrifices this year, tied with the Indians for second most in the AL. And they were 4th in stolen bases and SB attempts. I guess the Yankees play a little more small-ball than we all thought...

It's a great, in-depth piece of analysis. The kinda stuff you dont get from ESPN and other mainstream media outlets. They picked Indians in 5...here's hoping they're wrong...



That's why I'm so high on the Yanks this year, as opposed to the last two. Having the young guys in there opens up all kinds of options to Joe, and he actually pulls the trigger when they're up. When it was Sheff and Giambi in the lineup he wouldn't, or couldn't, play small ball, or whatever you want to call it.

You have to create runs out of nothing in the playoffs. This Yankee team can do that.

Thanks for the link, good stuff.

That excel file is fantastic - thanks for putting all that together.


It was my pleasure. Enjoy and Let's Go Yanks!

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