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I guess I'm of the opinion that a guy who pitches a complete game shutout in the opener of a playoff series is worth a little praise, especially when he only allows four hits, none for extra bases, and walks no one (and when some people were betting on the opposing pitcher outperforming him). Maybe that's just me. He's the only one that was getting "incessant" praise, and the Angels might have gotten some of their own if they had actually done anything during the game.

I'm fine with them saying Beckett was throwing a great game, he was. What I didn't need was the constant talk about how great Theo Epstein is, and handsome too, and what a great job they've done with the commercialization of Fenway, and how Lucchino is just a great guy, and how J.D. Drew really isn't that bad, it's just tough to move to Boston, and how age doesn't mean anything if you're Curt Schilling.

There were plenty more pats on the back, I've just blocked them from my memory. It was incessant and it was sickening.

Beckett did throw a great game and deserves his accolades. Although I think he's a jerk, if he was a Phillie, I'd probably love the guy.

But how anyone can justify J.D. Drew as being worth his salary is beyond me. You have got to be kidding.

As for Hamels, he was probably a little sore from his last start on Friday. Last month, he suffered an elbow strain that kept him out of the lineup. Hamels has been injury prone throughout his career so he needs to be eased back into the lineup.

In Hamel's first game back from injury, Manuel took him out of the game in the 5th with a 2-1 lead on only 55 pitches when he showed no signs of distress. Naturally the bullpen blew it and the Phils lost the game. His next start was last Friday, and he was left in to bat for himself in the 7th and then to pitch in the 8th with a 6 -0 lead....! He threw 117 pitches, more than double what he had been allowed to throw in his first game. Why you'd risk your franchise pitcher batting with a 6 run lead late in the game is beyond me, especially knowing you needed him for the playoffs.

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