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Lookin forward to the live blog Bri.

Have no fear Arod is here!!

This will be his break out post season. The one that punches his ticket to the HOF.

Damn just read on several different blogs that Mientkiewicz is hurt. Something to do with his ankle.

God help us if this guy is out for ANY play-off games.

I'm not worried for the short term (maybe missing one start will do the trick) what worries me is if Giambi is filling for him we are screwed. Giambi breaks down too easily, he cannot go too many consecutive games in a row.

Maybe we will be seeing Frankenstien (at 1st) after all.

Peter Abraham says he'll have an update in a little while on Doug's ankle. I have a feeling we'll see Betemit at first. With Wang on the hill, infield defense is paramount. Betemit has the best glove over there. There's no way Giambi should get the start.

If you're going for offense, it has to be Shelley. If you're going for defense, it has to be Betemit. If you're going for the worst offense, and the worst defense out of the three, it has to be Giambi.

Giambi made a few stellar plays at first when he came back initially, but the wear and tear became evident when we played the sox and he got the start in that game.

If I recall correctly he broke down pretty quickly, all in the span of a few innings.

forgot to comment before on this but I think you are correct in saying that we need to keep that fire that has driven us all season. If we lose tonight (which unfortunatly is a scary possibility) I think we run the table the rest of the series.
Last year was painful b/c our guys just seemed to lose it after our big win in gm. 1.

I remember thinking after the rain delay that that was what is gonna do us in.

What about starting Betemit, then bringing in Franky Duncan in if we can knock out C.C. by the 6th?


I think it would probably work better the other way. Use Shelley to knock CC out of the game, then bring Betemit in for defense. Honestly, I'm fine with either Betemit or Shelley starting, I just don't want to see Giambi in there. Either Shelley or Betemit will be used to bunt, and they can both run a little bit. Giambi is a black hole as far as small ball is concerned, and even when he gets on base, he clogs them up.

Keep his bat on the bench just in case we need a bomb off Borowski late in the game.

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