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That was just amazing... I've never seen anything like that.

paxton17 on Oct 6 at 0:05

well that one hurt about as bad as any loss since 04 . i have no tone bad thin to say about any yankee (arod included) andy is worth every penny and wed be lost wothout him. joba is still a phenom and mo looked as good as as ive ever seen him , tribe had no chance to hit him tonight. one bad bouce and maybe bugs cost us the game. im not giving uo yet... weve been down 0-2 before (OAKLAND) and i know we will not lose in the boogiedown. rocket will step up in game 3 and well take it from there... never EVER COUT THE YANKEES OUT I WONT ... SEE U IN THE BRONX

Joba looked like a beekeeper on the mound. Unbelievable.

Byrd and Westbrook are going for the tribe in the Bronx. This series should get back to Cleveland for game 5. Hold out hope.

I'm tryin to hold out hope Brian. I'll admit, I kinda gave gave up on the endless blogs and stat driven hysteria of the last few days. I felt burned out yesterday morning, and needed a break from all of this.

After last night I just got the feeling that we are supposed to win this series. Neither team hit for sh*t last night. Obviously not a good sign on our side, but also not a good sign on their side either.

The thing we have in our favor is we can turn it around real quick and in our house I see us doing exactly that. We'll see Sabathia in Gm 5.

What happens from there is anybody's guess.

I'm not packin it in just yet.

That was crazy with the bugs or whatever they were called. Andy Pettitte always amazes me. He comes into any situation the same and is SOLID. He is smart and uses his pitches well. Even though he has lost some speed on the fastball his slider and cutter are still nasty. He is a top-10 pitcher in the A.L.

The story of the series has been missed opportunities. Runners left on bases. The Indians probably have the best 1-2 combo in their rotation in the league. Carmona's sinker is sick. In my opinion, I think Joe should've left Andy in there to get that last out in whatever inning it was. It probably would've went the same way and Joba would have been fresher. I'm actually changing my mind as I'm writing. It was probably the best move. Hopefully we can turn it on in the Bronx on their below average pitchers.

All three teams I like are sinking. The Cubs are eliminated, the Phils and the Yankees can't hit. How ironic that two of the best offenses are being shut down.

It's almost a shame they didn't save Wang for Game three. He pitches so much better at Yankee stadium. Could he be ready for Game Four, and would Joe use him instead of Mussina?

I too was impressed by Petttite. He always steps up in big game situations for the Yankees. He's far more effective in the AL than he was in Houston in the NL. Why is that? To me, logic would be that you are facing better hitters in the AL due to the DH and you should have a higher ERA as an AL pitcher. Now he was injured a lot during his time in Houston, but that still doesn't explain it all.

Hey guys,

I'm back from a brief hiatus from sports. With a little perspective, you have to realize that last night was one of the most amazing baseball games we'll ever see. The way it ended was tragic, but as a whole, it was amazing.

I'm working on a preview for tomorrow's game, but here are a couple last thoughts: A-Rod is not to blame for this. Carmona was pretty much un-hittable last night. The Melk Man cashed in basically the only mistake he made all night. I'm 100% confident the Yanks win the game 1-0 if the bugs don't strike, but there's nothing you can do about that.

Andy Pettitte lives for these situations. It's like the more pressure you put on him, the better he performs. Very few human beings are wired like that, and we're lucky to have him.

JJ, I'm sorry about the Phils. I was pulling for them.

So far I'm 0-2 in my predictions for the series, and the other two teams I picked are down 2-0. I think I should stop making predictions.

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