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Mike from Bay Area on Oct 7 at 3:37

Amen, brother.

I loved Mariano Duncan. He was a Phillie on the 1993 team that went to the World Series.

The Phils are out, the Yankees are still alive. I hope Yankee fans are loud and cheering the whole game. Philly fans were silent once Colorado scored.... so silent at times you wondered if they were there. TImes like these you need the fans to rock the joint.

One game at a time....

Da-da-da-da ... da da!!! Charge!!!

Brian, as a bleacher creature I will be there in Section 39 tonight. Roll call should be exceptionally loud and I will get a MVP chant going for you.

Make us proud, Neil.

What time is the game?

6:30. The Sox are playing now, but DirecTV isn't showing it in HD. Drives me crazy.

Just to add pressure, George Steinbrenner said Joe Torre ain´t coming back next year if the Yankees don´t win the series. Makes it a bit more pressure, doesn´t it...

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Oct 7 at 16:42

maybe it sparks some (added) fire into the torre vets? We'll see.

Yea, I read that comment from George. The last report on George over the summer was that he wasn't all there. Does he really still have the final say on whether Torre stays or goes?

And does Torre even want to come back? And isn't Mattingly ready to be the manager now?

Nightmarish situation, I thought the Mutts might fire Randolph originally. You'd have to think Mattingly's name would be mentioned for that job, but that would be as thankless a job as coaching the Knicks.

I might shoot myself if Donnie managed the Mets.

I read big Stein's comments about Torre. I'd prefer not to think about it for today at least. Hopefully it'll be added motivation, and not a distraction.

GO YANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

If the Yankees lose another flippin game in gonna freak out!!!... but i still love them!

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