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Congratulations - she's gorgeous!




I can only guess that her name is Jeter, no?

congrats dude

Best of luck to you, truly a blessing. Congrats to the family.

Congratulations! I have my own daughter on the way in a couple months, unfortunately my wife doesn't seem up for Jorge as a middle name.

Brian, that is just too adorable. Congrats big man. Her middle name should be Igoudala.

Mike from Bay Area on Oct 12 at 12:54

Congratulations Brian. She's a cutie. Now start blogging the Yankees :>)

Congrats, Brian. That's great. She's beautiful. She's almost ready for basketball season, too.

is she already "depressed"? I hope not !!

Congratulations Brian and all the best to your family

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Oct 12 at 17:21

Many congrats Brian, many many congrats!

Congrats! She has more hair than you already, that has to be a good start!!

Thanks everyone. It's been an amazing couple of days, and yes, she was born with more hair than I have. Although that's not really setting the bar too high :)

We will now return to our previously scheduled blogging.

Congratulations, Brian... she's beautiful! What is her name?

(PS... Get used to surviving on very little sleep).

Her name is Nora, and I've been training for the lack of sleep for some time now.

Brian - good deal ! Congrats to you and the missus.....I have 2 daughters, one's a staunch NYY fan while the other is a Mets fan.

My niece is named Nora...she's a terrific (senior at Fordham). You are blessed.


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