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I was thinking, and say we bring back Posada and a-rod. We would have an offense, NOT including Giambi, that has an in-shape Damon (hopefully) , jeets, abreu, arod, jorge, cano, melky, etc.

We ideally would want better pitching than we had this year...we talk about moving mussina and giambi and whatnot, but who would take their contracts as a one year rental? No one, in reality.


What about moving Hideki? He is still a very good hitter, can play the field, and many teams could use him. The yankees could use him, but their O doesn't need him really...also you take out that one month where he had 13 jacks and he only has ten homers, with arod in front of him...not GREAT, really. He's aging. You could def. move him or him and someone for a quality pitcher, IMO.


Trading Matsui is an interesting idea, and I think it's something Cashman may consider, but only if it's the same type of deal they made in getting rid of Sheff and Randy Johnson. Personally, I'd like to see them trade for some speed, a guy like Michael Bourn from Philly, for example.

One reason this might not happen is financial. Having a marquee Japanese player on your team brings in a ton of money from Japanese broadcasting contracts, and advertising.

This is long after the fact, but what's up with the kid they acquired in the Arizona (Randy Johnson dump) trade? The one who had Tommy John surgery? Isn't he also on the radar as a potential starter, too?

Ohlendorf was the premier pitcher they got for Randy Johnson, the other guy (Steven Jackson) isn't really considered a prospect.

Ohlendorf didn't have a good year as a starter, but pitched well out of the pen in the minors. He seemed over his head when he was called up and pitched out of the pen for the Yanks, late in the year.

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