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It's 1:30, a wild start and the Eagles have a 7-3 lead. Is anyone else watching?

I'm here. Crazy start. This is not the Thomas Jones that I've seen in the past. McNabb looks good, there goes Leon Washington for a 50+ yard return.

All the birds need to do is stuff the run, Pennington is garbage.

Where the hell edid Leon Washington come from?!

I didn't think Penington was that bad. I still believe that a QB with an average arm can make it in this league. But the Eagles have got to win this one. They won't have many games where it is their's for the taking.

Did you just see that block Hank Baskett threw for Westbrook?!

Westbrook just knocked Vilma on his ass. I like the way the Eagles are playing physical out there. Baskett's block was sick.

I like Baskett and wish they'd involve him more in the offense. Greg and Reggie have had their chances and blown them. Time to see Baskett and
TE Celek more.

BTW, they're talking about Duce Staley... is he still playing? He's not with Pittsburgn anymore, so where is he?

I'm pretty sure he retired. There's a catch for Baskett, but shy of the first down.

Did you see that Mahe return?! The 255 lb. Aussie kicker had a hard time riding him out of bounds when Mahe is 185, soaking wet.

Iggles better score here. Don't blow it, as missed opportunities will come back and bite them in the a$$.

are these just bad holds, bad snaps or bad kicks? That's two now at 40 yards.

I think it's a psychological thing with Akers. Neither one of those was affected that much by wind. This game should be a blow out.

New long snapper, new holder, do you think it's in Aker's head, or is something just not right here?

Hey, Reggie is showing up today. Agree this should be a blow out. That's what worries me. You can't let any team hang around on their home field like this.

HOLY S**T! Did you see the clip of the 69 yard Garcia to Gallaway TD?! I didn't think Garcia had that strong of an arm. (no offense to him).

I just think it's this stadium for Akers. His career numbers here are terrible, and I think it's just gotten into his head. The long snapper/holder combo has actually been solid so far this year.

DAMN! This is what happens when you don't put a team away.


Another good job by the Eagle D.


Another good job by the Eagle D.

It may not have been pretty, but a Win is a Win.

Yup. Step in the right direction. The D was huge today. Of course, Pennington had a lot to do with that.

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