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great report, thanks Brian, I needed this since I cannot watch the games here

so no big surprises out there. Carney looked very good during Summer League so I hope he just had a bad game, but I am confident he will have a good year

Booth and Evans can't be different that what we already knew, u r right, after all here we are talking about veterans with little to zero room for improvement

according to your report the big question mark is Young, not in the sense of the potential but in the sense of how much can he contribute THIS YEAR. I would tend to agree with you

I have the feeling that Jason Smith will turn out to be a nice player, I've seen him only in 3 games in SL but I liked him immediately

Carney made a couple appearances here in Indy this summer. From what a couple of my friends said (they played against him in high school), he has dedicated himself to working out more and harder. Not a good sign for an unsuspecting defender!

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