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Mike from Bay Area on Oct 17 at 0:04

Tomorrow's news will be that Joe comes back to manage another year. You heard it here first! ;>)

Duly noted. :)

It wouldn't shock me at this point, especially with what the Indians are doing to the Sox right now.

Mike from Bay Area on Oct 17 at 0:51

I guess one can find some consolation to the way the season ended if your team was beaten by the best team. I do, this time. So, go Tribe and take it all home, to your cold, bug-infested city.

I'd like to see Torre signed to a 2 year deal. We'd have him usher in a new era at the new stadium, then he can hand off the reigns to Donnie.

Mike brings up a very valid point... If the Indians win the World Series, does that justify the Yankees losing to them and therefore save Torre's job?

Cleveland is having little trouble with the Sox. It will be a good World Series with them vs. Colordao.

The interesting question will be whether the national media treats Boston's loss to Cleveland as a colossal collapse, like they did when the Yanks lost to them. Or they give credit to the Indians. My guess is that not one story will be written about the Sox folding under pressure, nor will Francona (or Epstein) be rumored to lose their jobs. Of course, the series isn't over yet, so we'll have to wait and see.

Mike from Bay Area on Oct 17 at 16:39

Not much will be made of the Sox's season if they lose tomorrow or the next day by the Sox-loving sports media. Just like yesterday with Pedroia sliding and trying to slap the ball out of first baseman's glove and nobody mentioning it at all while we all remember how the AROD play was blown up to ridiculousness in all media outlets.

paxton17 on Oct 18 at 15:19

first of all why is the dep fan never signed on to aol any more?... ok i would never ever say a bad thing about 23 he was my idol since i was a young kid .. my favorite sports figure of all time.. however i do not think hes the right to manage the yankees.. i would want him on as a hitting coach or a bench coach . i do believe that when torres time finally expires as manager, which should be on his terms not a stein and sons, that it should be joe girrardi .. sorry donny i love ya but i cant see u as our manager

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