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brandon on Mar 21 at 7:28

They might have had a chance in this game if Korver showed up. He was doing his best impression of Damon Jones at this year's 3-Point Contest. 0 for 6 from three.

I like how you consider this a moral victory because they hung with the "class of the East", only be blown out at the end. How very "greenpinstripes.com" of you.

So once again my prediction was one basket off. During the five game stretch I predicted five losses. I only got four, but like you said, the playoff hopes for this abortion of a team are over. Get used to it Philly fan, next year isn't going to be any better.

I'm starting to realize why this blog is called "depressed fan". You're starting to bring me down! Good news for you, there is still room on the Heat bandwagon. Just scoot on over to behindthebacksports.com. I'll save you a seat.

Your blog is very nice, congratulations

I love the Willie Green balls busting (see also the last post in my blog),
"Willie watch" is amazing

keep up the good work, I'll check your site often

(speaking of sleeping I went to bed at 3.30 AM to watch the Pistons game live... smart uh?)


The playoff hopes are slim, but not completely gone yet. 37 wins is still in reach, and I still think that gets you in.

And you're the only bandwagon fan here.

What am I? A clown?

I rip my teams when they deserve it. It's all about perspective!

But thanks for the plug Mr. Heat!

Iggy is out with a back strain. More garbage time for Green and the bricktastic Carney!

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