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The end of an era.

Very sad.

Sucks to see ya go Joe, you'll be missed.

Thanks for all the great memories.


Will there stil be a letter the skipper next season? How about one last one to our pal Joe for old times sake?

Sorry didn't read all the way to the bottom before I left my comment.

I'd like to see Don Mattingly as the skipper. I think he's got a great mind for baseball and can lead a team of superstars and rookies.

Mattingly was great player. He hit exceptionally well and Fielded even better. I think that anyone who wins the MVP should be considered a great ballplayer, maybe even get a few nods from the Hall of fame.

people say girardi isnt cut from the right cloth to manage these people, but he played with half of them...I also think people use the fact that he coached the marlins to say that hes good at managing young guns but NOT good at managing vets. thats unfair to Girardi--there WERE no vets there for him to manage. I think he'd be fine with the Egos, and i personally think he's the best choice.

I wouldn't be mad if mattingly was hired, though...

Also, they need to snipe out Leo Mazzone and hire him. Eiland could be good but i'd rather the guy who made erik bedard the best pitcher in the mlb, thanks. lol


There will be a tear-filled, farewell letter to the skipper in the coming days.


I don't think Girardi's time with the Marlins proves he can't handle a team full of vets, I just think the fact that he rubbed a lot of people in the front office the wrong way is a warning sign. Joe had the ability to ease everyone's mind, and that's what you need when you're dealing with a clubhouse full of egos. I'm afraid Girardi is a little too blunt to be able to handle it.

Much like you, I wouldn't be mad if Girardi got the job, I think either guy is more than capable, I'd just prefer Mattingly at this point.

I think you're dead on with Mazzone. Baltimore is trying to say he doesn't work well with young kids, but I don't think that's true. I think he didn't work well with some of their young kids because he didn't have anything to work with. He worked wonders with Bedard and Guthrie, because they have the talent. I think he'd be a great fit, he's my #1, Eiland is my #2 choice, at this point.

Mike from Bay Area on Oct 18 at 20:22

The way this whole thing with Torre was handled by the Yankees leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Gotta go get me some Listerine.

Either Donnie or Joe-G or anyone else for that matter is a crapshoot, really. Nobody knows how they'll do in NY. Torre's been a manager of this team for so long, and how anyone else will handle the reigns is anybody's guess. Not that the Yankees totally don't need a managerial change - they probably do, but Joe should've been treated with a tad more respect than how it has looked so far (to me, at least). Anyways, I don't have a strong preference for either candidate. Both have their pros and cons, as Brian touched on. The Yankees will now stretch this manager hunting process for another few weeks, and all these blogs will just regurgitate this forever, or at least until the AROD sweepstakes begin. (Not dumping on you Brian, though, yours is a pretty well thought out blog.)

"just think the fact that he rubbed a lot of people in the front office the wrong way is a warning sign"

this is the same front office that wins 2 world series in 7 years in baseball ( a feat done recently by the yankees, and...thats it), has had no roster consistency, and leaves their team in a 80,000 person football stadium despite promise and success. They don't allow any sort of team advancement. You wonder why he had problems with them? He SHOULD have had problems with them.

I'm just sayin...

Fair enough, but the Yankee front office isn't exactly rational most of the time, and Torre has never gone to the press, and never ruffled feathers publicly. He's been able to manage the insanity of the organization, and his players, without cracking.

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