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paxton17 on Oct 19 at 14:04

when i first heard the offer i thought the yanks only offered it to save themself with the media and they werent really serious.. but after seeing the contract breakdown and what his base salary would have been compared to the rest of the managers , it is clear the yankees wanted him back (for at least next year) apparently joe saw that as an insult , but i have to side with the yanks management the deal was way more than fair and if torre had a good season he would be the highest paid manager in history.. joe made a mistake and he will regret that when he does take another job... i love joe too but he should have come back .... ps please dont hire donny hes not cut out to be a manager yet , girrardi is the way to go

Mike from Bay Area on Oct 19 at 14:07

I'm just guessing, obviously everyone can read into it whatever they want, but for me I think more of an issue was a 1-year deal rather than a pay cut. Just imagine he'd have to go through the same thing this time next year. He's already gone through this bullsh$t this year, I don't know how it affected him (if at all), but if you're human, it should. So why would you want to subject yourself to this same crap same time next year? I wouldn't. Also, next year being the last in the current Yankee stadium and opening a new one, that would add another layer to the whole thing. A one year deal just didn't make sense, and that's why it was a slap in Joe's face in my mind, not so much the money. And also, for motivation? Come on, it's not Joe who pitches or hits, how much does actually depend on him in game situations? Some, sure, but it's mostly the players. How can you tell/convince anybody that Joe has not been motivated? I believe his character shows that he was. So this motivation crap didn't sit well with me either. All in all, a terrible handling of the situation by the front office. I'd actually be more ok if they just decided not to bring him back and openly said so right away, as soon as the division series ended. With the brothers Stein setting themselves up for reigning this franchise for years to come, this was not a good start in the PR department, with who knows what potential fall out it may bring. Hoping they'll do better this off-season, with resigning key guys and getting the right guy to manage the club.

It seems pretty clear that Joe's pissed at everyone in the organization but Cashman, but he handled the press conference as well as could be expected.

Randy Levine seems to be public enemy number one, but I'm not sure if that's the press or Joe himself.

paxton17 on Oct 19 at 15:07

i miss joe already... i take back what i said before the yakees are the ones that will regret letting joe go . joe deserves a lifetime contract for what he did .. torre had the respect of all these over paid millionaire players and they all played hard for him which is what u need from a manager. i fear this could be the start of another earl 90/s for the yankees.. we need joe back hes the best fit for us

Agree that the one year offer is what he was most unhappy about, but Joe must also be aware that Don Mattingly is being groomed for the manager's spot.

At the end of the day I agree with the Yankee's front office contract offer. It's not only fair, it's what they should do in that situation. And I am okay with Joe Torre turning it down. It's his right.

Guess we all got to move on. I'll miss Joe, too. He's done more than anyone imagined he would ever, back when he was hired in late 1995. But it's not the end of the world. Time to move forward....

Moving on sounds great to me. The last thing I want to talk about is the ripple effect. Say Torre winds up signing on in St. Louis, for example, do you think Pettitte and Mariano follow him?

I'd like to say no, but my gut says if he gets another managing job sooner, rather than later, with a contender, they just might. Maybe Jorge too. If A-Rod leaves on top of that, either the Yanks are going to go out and sign shitty free agents to make up for the losses, or 2008 is going to be one hell of a rebuilding year. I'd prefer the latter.

Curious... who is the next highest paid manager?

Do you see Joe wanting the bullshit of managing elsewhere at his age? I'd think the networks would be interested in offering him a career as an analyst, could he go that route?

Piniella is second, he made $3.5M in '07, $4M less than Torre.

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