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I would say let him go.

Here is my thinking:

1) Let Abreu go
2) Sign Torii Hunter for a little cheaper than Abreu...they had similar numbers this season.
3) Let Godzilla DH mostly, his health would be much better
4) The outfield would then be Hunter/Damon/Cabrera
5) They would still have 6 left handed hitters and 3 switch hitters available for their lineup
6) Hunter is a definite defensive upgrade

I don't want Hunter at all. He's going to cost too much, and it's going to take a long-term deal to get him. I'd rather have Abrue for one year, then see who's available.

Mike from Bay Area on Oct 19 at 17:18

Getting Hunter is getting back to the old m.o. of "long-term-high-paid-old-timers" which would be a mistake. Get Abreu for next year and futher develop a farm bat to move up the year after (Jose Tabata, Austin Jackson, Bret Gardner and others).

hunter also is ten times more injury prone than abreu. In my opinion, i ts not even a debate on this one. Theres no way he's gonna repeat last seasons freak splits, and he'll come out of the gate swinging. And it is a contract year for him, and its factually proven players usually do better in those years.

With Abreu, you have to remember to wipe out April and May, basically. He warms up with the weather, and has done so throughout his career.

If you take his April/May numbers out, he looks even more impressive. He's not a bad guy to hold onto for another year and it saves you from the potential of having to shell out big bucks on a multi-year contract.

Prez makes a great point about the contract year... Abreu will probably break out of his slow start habit in 2008, as he'll be looking for a big pay day. It will be time, however, for the Yankees to let him get that payday elsewhere at that point.

brandon on Oct 23 at 8:04

Get rid of this bum. He sucks. I never wanted him in the first place. It's about time the Yanks start lowering the payroll.

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