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Hey Brian, how's the baby doing?

Aaron Rowand would be great as a Yankee, but he's 30, Melky is 23. Melky is cheaper and has more upside at this point in his career. Rowand will also generate interest from the White Sox and you don't want to get into a bidding war for him.

I agree that the Yankees should consider Wang, Joba, Cano and Melky untouchable. Don't trade away young, homegrown talent for pitching, even if it is Santana.


The baby's keeping us up all night, but she's happy and healthy, so no complaints here.

If the Yanks accomplish all of their goals, which seem to be re-signing Rivera and Posada, extending A-Rod, and trading for Santana (then extending him), we could be looking at close to a $215M payroll next year. It'll drop significantly in 2009 (Damon, Matsui, Giambi, Pavano, Mussina and Pettitte all come off the books), but for 2008 the payroll would be monstrous.

That's an awful lot of pressure for whoever takes over as manager. Not sure I envy him.

Welcome to the land of no-sleep. Just wait till she's 18, you return there.

Santana would be a great guy to pick up because the one knock on the Yankee farm system is a lack of left handed pitching talent. The only problem is, what do you have to give up for him? I'd love to see the Yankees go with two big lefties in their starting rotation for '08.

Has Mussina said he'd definitely be back?

Mussina's under contract. I doubt he'll retire and leave $11M on the table.

totally unrelated but does anyone know when erik bedard is a FA? I feel like they might as well trade for him, rather than santana, cuz hes younger (i think...)

Eric Bedard signed a one year free agent contract last season for 3.4 mil. with Baltimore. He's a free agent, from my understanding. He's 28, and could be a cheaper option than Santana... good thinking, Prez.

I think the Yankees still need a lefty in the bullpen too and Pittsburgh has one (can't remember the guy's name) that could be gotten for next to nothing.

OOPS... Brain fart. Meant to say Bedard avoided arbitration by signing a one year deal. Not sure if he's a UFA or FA, though.

I think Bedard is arbitration elig. again this year. Marte is the lefty on the pirates, I believe.

Yes, Marte is the guy....Good call, Brian... I couldn't remember his name earlier.

Lefties bat .094 vs. Marte, and he's got 18 BB vs. 51 SO and only surrendered 2 HR in 45 innings pitched. He's a good guy to have in the bullpen, and can probably be acquired for a fair price.

Rowand would be awesome, and I would like to see Melky in RF, instead of Abreu. I still don't know they need him, though.

No way I trade for Santana. Wang puts up similar win numbers, and that's all that matters. I don't care about strike outs or ERA, unless we are talking about relief pitching.

The Yanks need to stay as young as possible.

Given the Yankee offense, I think Santana would win many, many more games with the Yanks than he did with Minnesota.

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