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Holy shit. Almost had a stroke watching this one, screaming in futility at the TV. Spouse and pets avoided me for the rest of the evening.

Sheldon is da man. He did a great job today. Who knew he could keep up with Devon Hester running down the field? That guy is freakin' fast!

Do you get the feeling this neck problem of Dawkin's is pretty damn serious now? When your best defensive player and heart of the team is your lead cheerleader, you are always in sorry shape.

Also improved was William James. He got robbed on that interference call... Moose Johnson even said it was a crappy call and a clean play. Still, the Iggles look pathetic in the red zone. Maybe Donovan should reconsider a move to Chicago, as he's gonna get booed on Monday, November 5th, versus Dallas. (I'll be at that game, but not one of the boo-birds).

Hester had an easy touchdown is Griese didnt underthrow him by five yards int he endzone.

ok i should really proofread my comments. What i meant to say was that Hester had an easy td, but griese underthrew him by 5 yards. Hester had brown burned.

Griese did underthrow it, but it was still a great play by Brown. Hester is a fast mo-fo, he blew right by Sheldon, I was actually amazed he didn't give up on the play.

brandon on Oct 23 at 8:01

I thought this was "depressedfan.com", not "lookonthebrightside.com". If I wanted that, I would have logged on to greenpinstripes.com.

This team is finished! They need a complete overhaul starting with the head coach and QB. Face it Eagle Fans, you had your chance at the top with TO. Your QB couldn't handle the big game, and now your run is over! Pack it in, start over and get ready for four years of being a sub-500 football team!

Looks like you should've put your money where your mouth is.

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