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I think the Yanks should throw in Derek Jeter to make the trade a bit more balanced.

Is that sarcasm Mike?

Yeah, I was a tad skeptical when I read this. If you want a good laugh, click through to the story and read the comments. Apparently, the LAA Angels fans are up in arms about the deal. They think the Angles are giving up too much for A-Rod.

Also, click on the second link, our newest blogger, Erin, has a funny take on the LAAAAAAA Angels.

Sarcasm? I don't even know the meaning of the word. And those Angel fans are all crazy. I guess that's what happens when you need twelve words to describe where you play your home games.

It is a good offer. Jared Weaver is no joke. He's a #1 overall (like Mr. -Rod many years ago), he's no Jeff. Moseley is supposedly a great prospect, and Molina fills a need.

Still, no way the Yanks make that trade. If A-Rod gets off to a slow start, or if they get worried about the opt-out clause, and decide to trade him, they should get Weaver and Jeff Mathis (a better catching prospect) plus Scott Shields (K-Rod is untouchable). That's actually not a terrible deal.

Also, Howie Kendrick is a future stud. He would be a good replacement at 3B, though he, too, might be untouchable.

I think when you're talking about moving A-Rod, an untouchable has to be involved. Especially if the deal is contingent upon A-Rod giving up his opt-out and/or renegotiating a deal.

Weaver may very well be a stud in the long run, but this deal would include no proven players. Two prospects and a backup catcher. I don't think that gets it done.

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