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paxton17 on Oct 22 at 11:19

there is no if!!! we have to sing rivera if he goes the yankees playoff run is over plain and simple...i think joba shoud remain a setup man for 2 more years..making every yankee game a 6-7 inning game like in 96... as for trading wang melk and ian for johan that would be an absolute disaster.. didnt he lead the league in hrs allowed last year??? why trade out younger ace for and aging ace??? not to mention we can just buy him next year. if that trade goes down the youth movement is over and th yankess are finished. that im my mind would be the most idiotic trade ever!!! 3 top starting players for a lefts whos skills delcined last year.. please casman do not pull that off!!!!!!

Agree. Mo Rivera will be re-signed. There is no reason to not give him whatever he wants - 3 years, $45 million? You have to overpay him, because of what his past success has done for the franchise. Just get it done.

Now, once that done... I still like the idea of Joba as a closer/set-up man. But I agree that if you want to see what he can do as a starter, then now is the time. I honestly think he'll be okay as a starter, but nowhere near as dominant as he would be as a closer.

Excellent point on the innings pitched for Hughes and Chamberlain. That's something I'm worried about, to. Hughes injuries and Joba's conversion actually knocked them back a bit in terms of progressing. The Yankees are just going to have to roll the dice with both of them, and maybe give their arms a rest in August if nothing else. I would even suggest the Yankees get creative, and rest Hughes for three to four weeks in August, and then Joba for another three to four weeks (presuming he's still a starter), so both will be strong down the stretch and into the playoffs.

I have a feeling we're going to see a six-man rotation at some point, and we may also see Joba go the pen for a month to conserve his arm. It's going to be interesting.

A six man rotation would give the young arms a chance to rest and possibly avoid injury. I agree with SML that now is the time to see what he can do if he's a starter, although I really think he has the personality and heart of a closer, and not just a one inning guy.

Off topic, but the mouth that roared (Schilling) has let something fly that, as a Phillies fan, has got me thinking. He has stated that if Boston does not re-sign him, he'd go to the Phillies. I'm not sure if he's talked to anyone there or even if they'd want him. The last time he was a FA, he expressed interest in being a Yankee, so you'd have to think the Yankees are on his short list of teams as well...

If you guys were Pat Gillick ( or someone with a brain who was in charge of the Phillies) or Brian Cashman, would you re-sign the 40 year old mouth?

I don't think he'd be a good fit with the Yanks. Right now, the Yanks have 6 guys for the rotation (assuming Pettitte doesn't opt out and no one else leaves or is traded). That's reason enough, but I also just hate the guy's guts.

The Phils may be a different story, depending on what type of contract he wants. If it's a 1 or 2 year deal for a reasonable price, he might be worth a shot. Again, I hope it doesn't happen because I actually like the Phils and I don't want to have to root against them one out of every five games.

Schilling burned a lot of bridges mouthing off about the Phil's management and coaching before he left. The Phils are a real nice group of guys that appear to all get along, and I'd worry that Schilling's mouth would screw that all up.

The Yankees are in much better position pitching wise than the PHils, however. Honestly, the Phils are desparate.

brandon on Oct 23 at 7:55

Let Mo go. I would offer him a one-year deal for 7mil. If he doesn't like that he can go. Joba is the future. The Yanks need to unload all their old, dead weight.

The Yanks do have old dead weight on this team (Mussina, Giambi) unfortunately, they can't unload either of them. Mo is not dead weight, and needs to be brought back.

if the yankees signed schilling i might boycott yankee games for a year. Honestly, out of all the people in the major leagues, i'd give any A-hole a chance, anyone at all, except for schilling and youkilis.

I agree. Schilling would be very hard to root for. I already prey everytime Mussina takes the mound that he either a) breaks his arm or b) gives up eight runs in the first. I really don't need to two losers to root against. Especially one who faked a bloody sock just to get some attention.

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