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So basically there's no stars in the lineup other than Iggy,
same as last year after Iverson was traded. Not encouraging.
I know it's always hard to predict the future, but do you see the Sixers making the playoffs or picking from the lottery again next Spring?

It has to be lottery, probably in the bottom five. This year should be all about figuring out what we have in the young nucleus of players so we can retool for future seasons. Lacking a true star other than Iggy may be a blessing in disguise because we'll be able to discover everything we need to without falling short of anyone's expectations. A lot of questions need to be answered this season such as the future of Andre Miller in Philadelphia, if Lou Williams can be a starting guard on this team going forward, and if Rodney Carney will turn the corner and produce like he should be doing. I want to know what level of talent we have on the current roster and build on it to be in a position akin to the 2007-08 Bulls in 2 years time.

Good analysis, Graham...I think you're correct in your assessment. Looking on the bright side, if the Sixers are pathetic this year after so many high picks in this draft, maybe that will finally mean the end of Billy's run as the GM.

And Brian, you're right... anytime you hear Willie Green's name being mentioned as a starter, you gotta be concerned about the talent level on the team.

Oh well... at least the Flyers look good this year....

A lot of what the Sixers do this season is going to depend on the development of Williams and Carney. I think they're a better team now than they were at the end of last season (when they finished 17-9). Reggie Evans is an upgrade over Steven Hunter in the starting lineup, especially from a rebounding and toughness standpoint. They've got three offensive weapons off the bench in Korver, Williams and hopefully Jason Smith. Thad Young is a wild card, no one knows what he's going to give us this year.

I'm optimistic right now. I'll have a full preview before the season starts.

Sixers will be way better than anyone is predicting now, and easily end with 25 W ;-)

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