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Hi Depressed Fan,

Do you believe that Boston's free fall is a plan to grab more chances in the "Greg Oden Sweepstakes?"

Also, have the Sixers played themselves out of contention for Oden or Durant?

I think with Boston it's more a factor of them being a horrible team. If they were really tanking the season, Pierce would've stayed out much longer than he did.

As for the Sixers, it sure looks like they've played their way out of contention for a top two pick, but anything can happen in the lottery, and I still think they're lottery bound. Who knows, maybe David Stern is going to fix it. Keep your fingers crossed if you're a Sixers' fan.

Great breakdown, Depressed Fan. I think the only things I would add is that:
a) I'm not sure I believe the Nets will sweep the Pacers in their two games.

b) The Knicks can get to 38 wins; I see them being able to win a game against either NOOCH on 3/31 or the Magic on 3/26 (big game that has huge ramifactions on the playoff race).

Either way, it's gonna be a close finish.

The Portland loss puts a big kink in the Knicks' plans.

i actually would fancy the knicks and nets in the playoffs, but given how the nets are playing, it's a safer bet to go for the Magic.

1. i do think we could steal a win against Chicago
2. i think the Magic would blow their top (just a hunch)


The thing about the Nets is that they could win any one of those games on their schedule. They have a better 1-2 combination than anyone in the East right now (with Wade out).

If Vince is properly motivated, on any given night they can win. The problem is, who knows when he's going to be motivated. Maybe Thorn will visit him at his locker and tell him "We'll give you a max contract if you get us to the playoffs." Maybe that would do it. Who knows?

They have a tough schedule the rest of the way, 4 more back-to-backs, but I think they get one of the last two spots.

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