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Mix Master Mu on Mar 22 at 10:20

Shut him down for the rest of the season. See who steps up their game. Maybe Carney will have to learn some one on one game instead of being just a 3 point hucker. Milwaukee shut down Bogut and Villanueva for the season. I think Bogut had a sprained ankle. Come on now that is some serious tanking. We minds well do it as well and see who steps up their game and wants to be a part of the sixers future plans. Rest up Iggy we will need you next year for bigger and better things.

From a long-term point of view, I guess I agree with you. Why not sit him down?

From a "I've watched every game of the year, and plan on finishing it out." point of view, please don't do that. He's the reason to watch.

If Iguodala misses any time it's going to be all Willie Green, all the time, and I really don't want to have to sit through that 14 more times.

Mix Master Mu on Mar 22 at 15:30

Yeah I can see your point. But as for me having to watch every Celtics game and hating life maybe you will know the pain I go through. Think of the bright side if Trash-time Willie plays a lot of minutes his chance of blowing out his knee improves dramatically. Not that I would ever wish an injury on anybody but maybe if Willie is playing a lot next year I'll call my boy Jeff Gillooly.

Let's just hope
Green gets traded and keep Gillooly in reserve just in case Billy King takes Noah with the number 3 pick.

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