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A classless move by a classless player and agent....
It was announced during the late innings of the WS Game,
A-Rod opted out.

Even worse, there was talk that Boston is interested.

Sorry Brian....

Oh well... he was non-existent (again) in the playoffs, maybe they're better off. A-Rod may be the most talented player in the game, but he doesn't play with heart like Jeter. Seattle, Texas and NY all went nowhere with him. Let's see if he's a jinx on his next mercenary stop.

I'm going to save my thoughts on A-Rod 'til I see how it plays out. The way this was handled, tonight, was shameful, however.

This has Boras written all over it as it seems he's trying to show just how 'big' he is by nearly taking over the end of Game 4 of the World Series. A-Rod has to catch some crap too because he's paying the guy to do stuff like this. The reasoning he gave was crap too because even if the Yankees didn't re-sign Jorge and Mariano (which I think they will), you know that they have the finances to sign players to put a very competitive team on the field every season...especially with the opening of a new stadium coming up.

A-Rod needs to understand that this is his legacy he's dealing with now and he's letting Boras make it what it is. If he would have re-upped with the Yanks he could have come off as a decent guy...now if he just goes to the highest bidder, no matter how many championships he wins, he just going to come off as a mercenary looking for top dollar. That's sad to see.

If he goes, I could really care less about him and his legacy. The thing that worries me is the ripple effect it will have on the Yankees. Hank doesn't seem like the patient type, and if they lose their biggest bat, I can only assume he'll either be opening the checkbook for a questionable free agent and/or trading some young guys I don't want to see traded for someone like Miguel Cabrera and/or Johan Santana.

A-Rod bears the responsibility for allowing Boras to play it out this way. Jack is right... it was a big distraction to the WS game, and it was poorly timed to inflict the most damage possible on the Yankees, esp. with talk about him possibly going to Boston.

He'll cause resentment with his big contract, wherever he goes. Instead of being seen as the tremendous talent he is, he is going to be seen as one big asshole.

There was local talk of the Phillies being interested in the Inky, but I think it was more of a campaign by the writers and fans than the team itself, although we do have some old dinosaurs coming off the payroll and freeing up salary. I don't see it happening, however, as Boras royally pissed off the Phils with the JD Drew circus and Travis Lee. I doubt they'd negotiate with him, even if they did have the money to pay. That leaves a handful of teams eligible to compete for the mercenary's services.... Boston, maybe Chicago, depending on the ownership. Maybe LA, although I don't see that one happening.

Realistically, any team can afford to sign him, but not many teams can afford to sign him AND have enough money left over to put a contending team around him.

In that category, I think it's only the Mets, Yankees, Sox and maybe the Cubs.

Of course, that's assuming A-Rod even cares about getting to the post season, which is debatable.

There is no way the Cubs can sign him because the ownership issue isn't going to be cleared up until Spring Training probably. MLB won't allow them to take on that much 'liability' or 'debt' while they're trying to sell the club.

Boras and A-rod deserve each other. I for one am glad that Alex rodiguez will not be coming back.

I wanted him to stay as much as anybody, I enjoyed watching the man play the game the way he does. The pricetag he comes with (both salary and drama) is too high. Our dynasty teams never had a centralized player like him. Those teams were gritty and didn't mind getting dirty. They won with heart. They took chances and came out one top.

Alex Rodriguez obviously has neither one. Let him go to the sox, who cares.

Jumping from team to team in pursuit of one's own personal goals and satisfaction does not a legacy make. He'll just go down as a crybaby with a high price tag who ran when the going got tough. He never belonged here anyway.

There is talk amongst Phillies fans of the Phils making a run for A-Rod. The Phils had the fourth largest payroll three years ago and are in the top six or eight this year, and as a lot of wasted salaries are coming off the books, a deal for A-Rod is possible here.

But the previous dealings with Boras through Drew and Travis Lee were so bitter, I don't see the Phils brass making a run for A-Rod, no matter how much fans might want it. And honestly I'm not sure I'd want him either, as his enormous salary will come at the cost of young talent and could become the source of discontent.

I think any team that sees A-Rod as a guaranteed ticket to the World Series should talk with Seattle, Texas and NY and save their money. A-Rod may have the most talent, but he doesn't have the heart to match.

Unfortunately, I think the team that winds up paying him his fortune won't be thinking he's a ticket to the series, but rather that he's their ticket to filling their stadium, and he very well may be. A-Rod and Philly would be a match made in heaven, how do you think those fans would react to an 0-fer the playoffs :)

Well, looking at the bright side, A-Rod would certainly take the heat off Pat Burrell.....the fans would just transfer all that hostility and frustration on the newest mercenary.

Still I doubt they'd negotiate with Boras. After the shit he put them through with JD Drew, then with Travis Lee (the original overpaid malcontent). And the Phils come across as a really nice group of guys as if they all get along. A-Rod might be a monkey wrench thrown in the mix.

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